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Persian Cat Vs Maine Coon

Persian Cat vs. Maine Coon

Before adopting a cat, it is important to compare a few different breeds. This will help you pick the perfect pet for you. We’ve previously compared Persian Cats and Exotic Shorthairs. But in this post, we are looking at the differences between Persian Cats and Maine Coons. While these are… 

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What Are The Differences Between a Male and Female Persian Cat?

So, you want to adopt a Persian cat. But should you adopt a male or a female? What are the differences? And what if you already have another cat in your household? These are important questions to consider. A Persian cat’s gender can affect their personality. And their personality traits… 

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Why Do Persian Cats Bite?

Cat owners have all been there. One minute you are quietly petting your cat and the next they are biting your hand. And you are suddenly asking yourself, “what went wrong?” Well, there are many different reasons Persian cats bite. This is a non-verbal communication method that might mean they…