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Welcome to Persian Cat Corner!

If you’re a Persian cat owner or you love this amazing breed then this website is for you. We are the number one resource for Persian cat owners worldwide, providing you with all the information you need about the breed.

Whether you’re looking for grooming tips to keep your Persian’s fur in pristine condition or diet advice to make sure your Persian eats a balanced and healthy diet you will find it here. We aim to offer the most relevant, up to date advice on all matters Persian.

Come and join the Persian cat community!

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Litter Robot Review

Litter Robot III Open Air Review

Are you curious about automatic litter boxes?

All cat owners have been there. While scooping your cat’s smelly litter box (for the 4th time this week!) you think, “there has to be a better way!”

Well, there just might be. I recently tested the Litter Robot III Open Air with my two cats. For the past month, I’ve observed how my cats interacted with this automatic litter box.

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