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Do Persian Cats Shed?

The Persian cat is instantly recognizable with its long luxurious coat and short flat nose. They’re a glamorous cat and it’s no coincidence that they’re one of the most popular breeds of cat.  As with any long-haired cat, they do require a fair bit of maintenance to keep their coats in the best condition.  If you’re looking […]

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Persian Cat Personality

If you’re looking to buy a Persian cat you may have wondered what their personality is like. Are they as angry as they often look? Will they get on with my other pets/children/family members?  I know I was the same before buying Milo my Persian cat, I often wondered what these glamorous, long-haired cats would be like.  My only […]

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Persian Cat Cost- How Much Should You Pay?

So you’ve decided to buy one of the most glorious, beautiful cats around but what is the cost of a Persian cat. The Persian cat is one of the most well-known breeds of cat, instantly recognisable by its flat face and long luxurious coat. The Persian cat is hugely popular around the world, originally from Iran, […]

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Persian Cat Life Expectancy- How Long Do They Live?

If you’re a Persian cat owner then you’re a lucky cat parent indeed. Persian cats are a wonderful breed of cat with their fluffy luxurious coats and their round flat faces.  They bring immense pleasure and joy to our lives with their endearing personality.  At some point in every Persian cat owners mind, a certain question will […]

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Why Do Cats Love Boxes?

As any cat owner will know your cat loves a good cardboard box, he or she will radiate towards the box as soon as it enters your house. But why do cats love boxes?My own Persian cat Milo just loves any kind of box, I’ve bought him many a fancy toy to be disappointed when […]

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