Persian Cat Personality

Persian Kitten Personality

If you’re looking to buy a Persian cat you may have wondered what their personality is like.

Are they as angry as they often look?

Will they get on with my other pets/children/family members?

I know I was the same before buying Milo my Persian cat, I often wondered what these glamorous, long-haired cats would be like.

My only real recollection of a Persian cat was from the James Bond movies when Blofield (the bad guy) was seen petting a white doll-faced Persian cat in the movie.

This in addition to the often angry stance made me “prejudge” the Persian as being this grumpy cat that will most likely bite you if you come within a 1-metre radius of it!

My friends and family also seemed to have a similar view on the Persian cat. Is British movie culture to blame for this? Surely not!

What is The Personality of a Persian Cat?

The Persian cat personality is actually quite different to what you’d expect, generally, they’re very warm and caring and like nothing more than to lounge about.

But they aren’t the docile, lazy, cat people often portray them to be, in my experience, and this isn’t just based on my own Persian cat Milo, this is based on speaking to quite a few Persian cat owners.

Obviously, all cats are unique and come with their very own little personalities some are quiet, some are laid-back and some are more outgoing just like humans I guess.

In my experience I find Milo to be quite active and he often likes to chase Teddy (my British Shorthair) around the house. They will sprint after each other and play “catch” sometimes this gets a little too vigorous and I have to referee but this certainly breaks the mould of the Persian cat being a quiet cat that loves to just curl up and sleep.

Milo has quite a mixed personality, he has small characteristics of lots of different breeds of cats.

He can be lazy, aggressive, silly, playful, loyal, moody, aloof, affectionate, placid, or vocal at any given point.

As a result, it’s hard to just define the Persian cat as any of the above traits, often people will say the Persian is very quiet and calm but most owners I know (with exception of a few) don’t find this to be the case.

I would say the best way to describe a Persian cat is to assume generally, it will be fairly laid-back but it will often have many of the above traits as well. This is what makes this breed, in my opinion, one of the most interesting and a great cat to own.

Do Persian Cats Get Along With Other Cats?

If you’re looking to buy a Persian cat and you already have another cat then you may be wondering if their personality will be a good fit for your existing cat.

I would say it’s better to bring a Persian cat into a household with an existing cat rather than the other way around.

We bought Teddy a British Shorthair about 12 months after getting Milo and Milo wasn’t very accepting at first, it did take time and there were plenty of fights and pawing along the way. They do get along better now and most of the time there aren’t any issues but there is still the odd fight, usually instigated by Milo!

I can’t speak for dogs as I’ve no experience of this but I would imagine there wouldn’t be too much of a problem with them living in the same household in harmony.

Does the Persian Cat Personality Lend Well to Being a House Cat?

I think the Persian cat makes the perfect house cat, they’re more than happy being kept inside and due to them not being the most active breed of cat. They aren’t massively vocal like Siamese cat or as active.

They will adapt quite well to being in your house or apartment, often gazing out of the windows looking at other cats or lounging by the fire on a cold winters day.

Their often calm nature and fairly laid-back personality make them a great house cat.

Not to mention the fact that their fur and coat would be a huge challenge to keep in good condition if they were outdoor cats.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to buy a Persian cat or looking to take in a rescue cat then you can be assured that their personality will align quite well with your household in most instances.

I know when I was looking to buy my Persian cat I couldn’t find a lot of good quality Persian cat information that was the main reason for me creating this blog.

I hope this post has given you a good understanding of what the Persian cat personality is like.

I’d love to know what your Persian cat’s personality is like so feel free to drop a message in the comments section below.

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  1. It was nice to know that Persian cats are generally very warm and caring although each of them has their own unique characteristic. This is a nice information for me because I’m planning to give my sister a kitten. She said that she wanted a kitten that can be so sweet to her and make her feel loved. Since she loves small pets, I’ll be sure to shop for a teacup Persian kitten.

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