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Firstly let me welcome you to Persian Cat Corner, thank you for visiting my website. My name is Shaun and the sole aim of this website is to provide you with a Persian cat resource and any tips or advice that I can offer as a fellow Persian cat owner and a cat enthusiast in general.

A little about me and Milo (my Persian cat)

I was born and currently live in the UK with my fiancée. We have a cream coloured Persian cat called Milo and he was born 3rd June 2015. As you can see he’s very playful and just a happy bundle of fur as most Persian cats tend to be. When we bought Milo as a kitten we noticed that there was a real lack of information about this amazing breed online, as any Persian cat owner will know this breed can be high maintenance compared to a shorthaired cat and their coats do require regular grooming to keep it in good condition.

Not happy with the fact that many of us Persian cat owners have to get by without the information that’s available for other cats out there, I set about creating this website as a resource for helpful information, tips and advice that can be passed on to Persian cat owners new or old. Believe me when I say there’s been many trials and tribulations with Milo, of which I’m keen to share with you throughout this blog!

We recently got a kitten called Teddy who’s a British Shorthair born 1st September 2016. It has been an interesting time introducing him and Milo! The two breeds are quite different visually but have quite similar personalities. I’ll share more in future blog posts.

Our Aim:

  • Provide useful and valuable content
  • Share our experiences as a Persian cat owner
  • Helpful, unbiased, product reviews

What we won’t do:

  • Promote low quality products that provide no value
  • Misleading and biased product reviews

If you have any questions or queries or you have any topics that you would like covering feel free to contact me here.

All the best