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Can Persian Cats Eat Rice?

Yes, Persian cats can eat rice. They can have brown rice. As a whole grain, brown rice contains a full serving of vitamins plus fiber and iron beneficial for Persian cats. Whole grains are quite suitable for cats. The rice can heal diarrhea.

Why Brown Rice?

Rice is known as a staple food all over the world. It is high in calories and carbohydrates. It’s cheap, easy to keep, and can be eaten with almost any other food. Rice gives people energy, plus it contains manganese and iron.

Is It Suitable For My Persian?

White rice, no. Brown rice, yes. The carbohydrates in white and brown rice are much different. White rice is a simple carbohydrate. Cats do not need them due to the way their bodies function. Cats lack enzymes needed to break down lactose. They can’t taste sweet foods. Some carbs like white rice can be harmful to a cat by spiking their blood sugar levels and insulin.

Carbohydrates like barley and oatmeal provide fiber to cats. Some fruits and vegetables are also okay included in cat food.

Brown Rice, in small amounts, are okay for Persians.

Don’t be afraid if your Persian does eat some white rice. There is no harm in it, but it provides no nutrition. Brown rice is better. Some grain is needed in your cat’s diet to aid in their digestion.

Some grains provide fiber, which helps the small intestine stay healthy and adjust its bacteria population, which helps keep diarrhea under control.

Cats Have Sensitive Tummies

Even your healthy Persian can have digestive issues. Diarrhea is a common problem and can lead to dehydration. Grain-free foods can aggravate this issue because they don’t provide the fiber that will help keep your cat’s digestion on track.

You can buy cat food that has brown rice and other good for cats fiber, or you can buy brown rice and add into your cat’s regular diet.

If you decide to get brown rice and fix it yourself for your cat, you should make sure it’s well cooked and moist for your feline friend.

Only provide small quantities of brown rice whether you make it yourself or it’s in the food you by them. The meal with brown rice in it already has the right proportion of brown rice.

What Should You Avoid When Serving Rice?

Cats are carnivores. They mostly eat meat. Their bodies thrive on protein, so carbohydrates aren’t needed. Therefore, you shouldn’t feed brown rice often. Quality foods that contain brown rice have proportioned these foods to have protein (real meat) as their primary ingredients, and the rice in the meals is in proportion to this. Your Persian should get more meat than anything as their principal meal.

Why Feed My Cat Brown Rice at All?

The top reason to feed your feline brown rice or fiber-rich fruits and veggies is to keep their digestive systems healthy.  If your Persian has diarrhea, you can try mixing some brown rice into their food to see if it stops the issue. Be aware that you must make sure to cook the rice thoroughly and that it’s moist. Because of its fiber content, brown rice takes longer than white rice to prepare. If you are unsure about feeding brown rice or you’ve tried it and you Persian still has runny stools, please take your kitty to the vet to be sure there isn’t something else going on besides diarrhea.


Now you know that you can feed small portions of brown rice and why you should feed it to them you may feel a lot better about the question of can Persian cats eat rice. What do you think about feeding your Persian brown rice or other fibers? Do you provide brown rice yourself, or do you prefer to buy food containing brown rice? Let us know your thoughts below. We’d love to hear from you.

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