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Can Persian Cats Drink Milk?

It’s one of the images we’re most acquainted with: a picture of an adorable cat indulging in a saucer of milk with a blissful expression on its face. And the fact that it happens to be pretty common also means that most people believe that cats not only love milk but deserve to enjoy it […]

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Persian Cat Vs Maine Coon

Before adopting a cat, it is important to compare a few different breeds. This will help you pick the perfect pet for you. We’ve previously compared Persian Cats and Exotic Shorthairs. But in this post, we are looking at the differences between Persian Cats and Maine Coons. While these are both popular breeds, they have […]

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How to Identify a Persian Cat?

Are you considering adopting a Persian cat? Before you do, make sure you know exactly how to identify a Persian cat. Unfortunately, not all breeders are legitimate. And sometimes, they try to pass other breeds off as Persian cats. Certain breeds, like Domestic Longhairs, do look similar to Persian cats. But if you plan to […]

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200+ Persian Cat Names

As pet owners, we’ve all been there. Selecting the perfect name for your pet can be difficult. But this is also a fun process! When choosing the name for your Persian cat, you can be as creative as you want. Take some time to think before you decide on a name. Selecting your pet’s name […]

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Why Do Persian Cats Bite?

Cat owners have all been there. One minute you are quietly petting your cat and the next they are biting your hand. And you are suddenly asking yourself, “what went wrong?” Well, there are many different reasons Persian cats bite. This is a non-verbal communication method that might mean they are angry, stressed, hungry, bored […]

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