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Can Persian Cats Catch Mice?

In short, yes, Persian cats can catch mice. They have the same instincts as any other cat. It is understandable how a person might not think a Persian could find a mouse. Persians are known for being the docile, furniture with fur. They are queens and kings of the cat world, and catching a mouse might be below them, or maybe they can’t even capture one. Some people might not like to think that a Persian could or would catch a mouse, but the thing is, they are cats. The nature of cats is that of a predator.

For centuries cats were chosen by humans for their natural ability to hunt. Cats have lived alongside humans to control the rodent population for thousands of years. They worked on farms, in ports, and even on the decks and holds of ships to catch and kill mice.

In the modern world, you don’t see cats used quite like that anymore, but that doesn’t make them any less able to catch and kill mice.

Why Would I Want My Persian to Catch a Mouse?

Perhaps your house cat happens to be a beautiful, silky coated Persian, and you never considered you might ever have a mouse or mice in your house. You know cats catch and kill mice every day, but your fluffy prince or princess just doesn’t seem like they are up to chasing and capturing a rodent. What made you think about this? Well, you may have found some mouse droppings in the pantry or worse yet in one of the kitchen drawers where you keep cooking and eating utensils. You wonder, can my beautiful Persian do the work of your typical mouser?

The answer is yes. Your docile, sweet-faced companion can catch a mouse as easy as an alley cat mouser. How is this possible? Well, all cats have that predatory gene within them. They are natural-born hunters, whether a beat-up old alley tom or the fanciest of fancy show cats.

What makes My Persian a Good Mouser?

Persians make great mousers for the reasons above, but also because they are good at it. Persian intelligence makes them able to outsmart their little nemesis. The female of the breed seems to be better at it than the males. Females have taught their kittens from the beginning to hunt, and mice were a common food source. Over the centuries, Persians honed their abilities to find and kill mice for food. Mothers taught kittens how to hunt and feed themselves.

The Persian of today can appear deceptive when it comes to thinking of them as hunters. Don’t let their physical beauty or their docile demeanor fool you. Sit your Persian in front of the space where you spotted your little rodent friend and watch your Persian do their thing.

What if My Persian Can’t or Doesn’t Want to Hunt Mice?

Don’t worry. Your Persian may decide they won’t hunt mice, even if it’s right inside the pantry, where it will be easy pickings. Your Persian may end up being one of many breeds that won’t go after a mouse. That’s okay. No one said your Persian had to be a mouser. This article is about whether a Persian can catch mice or not.


We now know that Persian cats can catch mice. Some might even be better at it than other breeds of cat. That doesn’t mean your Persian will be a great hunter. It can also mean your Persian may be excellent at catching mice, which means you won’t have to worry if there have been mice dancing on your silverware.

Do you have a Persian that catches mice? Or maybe one who wouldn’t touch a mouse? Tell us your story in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.

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