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Best cat grooming scissors

Best Cat Grooming Scissors

Having your Persian or other cats groomed can be expensive, or perhaps your cat isn’t social enough to have a stranger wash, comb, and cut their hair. It’s also a possibility you have a Persian with anxiety, and it’s just not feasible to take them to the groomers. Whatever the… 

Persian Cat-vs. Ragdoll

Persian Cat vs. Ragdolls- How Different Are They?

You wouldn’t think that cats would have many differences. After all, they are cats, right? Well, each breed, even what you would call your typical alley cat or domestic short or long hair, have differences. Let’s look at the differences between Persian cats and Ragdolls. What Are The Differences Between… 


Best Cat Nail Clippers

Cat owners know how sharp their cat’s claws can be. That can be a detriment to you, your furniture, and sometimes your cat. Cats naturally like to claw things and aren’t always discerning what they use. The couch or your favorite chair is just as likely as their scratch post.…