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Cassi R


Blue Persian Cat Facts

Blue Persian cats have the same personalities, luxurious coats, health issues, and need the same care as other Persian cats. The most significant difference between blue Persian cats and others is that they are the dilute form of black Persian cats. Blue Persian cats are also called grey by most… Read More »Blue Persian Cat Facts


Do Persian Cats Sneeze a Lot?

Due to congenital issues with facial structure, called brachycephaly, Persian cats are more likely to sneeze than other cats. These cats have a significantly shortened nasal passage, elongated soft palate, and a bunched-up nose similar to the Pug dog breed. Due to this condition, Persian cats are more susceptible to… Read More »Do Persian Cats Sneeze a Lot?


Can Cats Have Blue Eyes?

Blue eyes can occur in cats. Eye color eventually changes from the blue that kittens typically have at birth to the color that an adult cat’s eyes will be. Many cat breeds are distinguished by having blue eyes. The blue eyes of these cats are a result of continuous breeding.… Read More »Can Cats Have Blue Eyes?


Persian Cat Lion Cut Facts

Persian cat lion cut is a term cat groomers use to describe a shaved grooming style that removes most of a Persian cat’s fur. Professional cat groomers use specialized clippers to shave the fur very short across the Persian cat’s body.  The Persian cat’s neck ruff is left untouched, thus… Read More »Persian Cat Lion Cut Facts