best Persian cat shampoo

Best Persian Cat Shampoo

Bathing your Persian is an integral part of ownership, if you’re lucky enough to own a Persian, then this becomes even more important. Long-haired cats like the Persian do require more maintenance in order to keep their fur in good condition. This post is about bathing your Persian cat and… 

Milo Persian cat

Best Way To Remove Matted Fur

Dealing with mats on your Persian cat is part of Persian cat ownership, regardless of how well groomed, your cat is you will still encounter the dreaded matted fur. Most long-haired cats have very thick and dense fur and if this isn’t cleaned or brushed often it bonds together creating… 

Milo FURminator

FURminator For Cats Review

As any cat owner will know keeping control of your cat’s loose hair can be a real challenge especially if you have a long-haired breed such as a Persian cat. As an owner of a Persian cat and a British Shorthair, I’ve often wondered if there was a way to…