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How Do Persian Cats Show Affection?

Persian cats can be quite affectionate. They won’t hesitate to show their love to people they trust. Persians are a great cat for families because they get along well with other pets and children in the home. These cats are friendly and are a perfect companion. However, Persian cats choose who they give their love. They have a favorite person that they attach themselves to and show most of their affection. There are always exceptions to the rule, though.

What are the signs of a Persian cat’s affection?

There are several ways your Persian might show love. If you are a first-time Persian owner, you may discover these while bonding with your kitty. Bonding can happen through play and grooming. If you have had a Persian for a while, you’ll recognize these signs. Not all Persians do everything here, but they will at least show one or perhaps a combination.


Purring is usually a sign that your cat is content and happy. Persians may purr when groomed or petted. Persians are known to have quite the motor in the purr department and seem to sing at everything.


Cats knead by instinct when they are born to help get mother’s milk flowing. They seem to find comfort in this action, and many will keep doing it over their lifetime. Persians, just like any cat, will knead a blanket, your favorite or their favorite chair or the sofa. They may even use you. One of my cats, Cinnamon, loves me so much that she must sit in the recliner with me as I drink my morning coffee and knead my arm as I hold her. Sometimes it’s great. Other times it feels like she is pushing needles into me. The thing is, she loves me and shows it by doing this. They may knead harder, the more relaxed they become. A comfortable cat is a loved cat, and they do this to show you how loved they feel. Persians are a kneady breed, so you may get kneaded a lot with their soft fluffy paws but watch out for those little needle spikes hidden in all that silky fur.

Their tail:

I’m sure you are wondering about that. Tail? What? Well, you can learn a lot by watching your Persian’s tail. Their tail can tell you their mood. A cat’s tail is like their communication hub. They use it to communicate with other pets in the house as well as their owners. A swiftly switching tail usually means irritation or anger, but twitching only the tip is a sign of affection. So, keep your eye on that fluffy Persian tail. If its tip is switching, that means your Persian is ready to give and receive some love.

Cheek rubbing and head butting:

This action can accompany that twitch tail tip. Persians may rub their cheeks on you or bump you with their forehead. These actions are definite signs of affection. They also use these moves to mark you. All cats have scent glands located around their mouth, chin, neck, ears, and the sides of their heads. The placement of these glands allows them to leave their scent behind, marking you as a trusted friend and is a sign of bonding and affection.

Spending time with you:

The Persian breed is known to be quite docile and will spend lots of time lounging. They can find any place to lounge, but if you find that your Persian always finds a place close to you or even on you, they are showing you affection. When your Persian seems to follow you around, it tells you they want to be with you and spend time close to you.

Talking to you:

Persians are nowhere as vocal as some breeds like the Siamese, but they do love to converse with their owners and other favorite humans when the mood strikes. Persians have a soft, sweet voice and will talk to you in purrs and tiny meows. They may also chirp or trill at you if they are feeling super vocal.

Slow blinks and Eye contact:

Persians will show you their affection by blinking slowly at you. Sometimes they may even hold your gaze for a moment or two before giving you a slow blink. Persian cats will also give you some more purrs with their slow-motion eye closing and contact. Persians do love to purr.

Grooming you:

Your Persian may want to groom you as a sign of affection. They may lick your hand, arm, and sometimes even your hair. Grooming is another action that tells you that your cat trusts, loves, and has a tight bond to you. In multi-cat households, you’ll see them groom each other as a form of bonding and affection.

In Conclusion

Persians are still known for being the furniture with fur. Furniture with hair refers to the way they love to stay in one place for hours. This docile behavior makes them one of the best cats to get affection. Persians, like other cats, can be fickle about who they give their love. If you spend time with your Persian, you are sure to bond with them and, in turn, find a loving companion in your silky, thick furred, Persian kitty.

2 thoughts on “How Do Persian Cats Show Affection?”

  1. Hey I wanted to ask something…..
    My Persian dolphin face cat does not listen to me and neither reply or react to any of the activities what should I do….

  2. Do you mean your doll faced Persian? Do you play with your cat much? Have you had him/her since they were a kitten?

    You could try enticing them with a treat if they interact etc, however, cats aren’t dogs and don’t always reply or react to human instructions, in fact, most won’t.

    Hope this helps.

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