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7 Best Cat Backpack Carriers

Do you want to take your cat on an adventure? Maybe you just need a reliable carrier for taking them to the vet. Either way, cat backpack carriers make a great option for transporting your feline. Cat backpack carriers have gained popularity over the past few years. Besides being a cute transportation method, these backpacks […]

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Best Persian Cat Books

Who doesn’t love to curl up with a good book, a cup of tea (or coffee), and your cat? That is the perfect recipe for a rainy afternoon. The only thing that could make that scenario better? Reading a book about cats! In this post, we look at the best Persian cat books. These books […]

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Best Persian Cat Calendar 2019

The new year is just around the corner. So now is the time to think about your 2019 calendar. We scoured the internet and found the best Persian cat calendars for 2019. These wall calendars are filled with pictures of adorable Persian cats. So, whether you hang the calendar in your kitchen or your office, […]

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Best Cat Harness – Buyers Guide

As a youngster I was always both perplexed and delighted by the sight of my neighbour walking her cat. As kids, our cats were always allowed to roam the streets (and bring us delightful treats such as dead mice from outside) and walking was strictly for dogs. I would have loved to have taken my […]

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Best Air Purifier for Cat Allergies

Red eyes, sneezing, itching. Allergy sufferers are all too familiar with these symptoms. But what can you do if you happen to be allergic to your furry friend? No pet owner wants to give up their animal because of allergies. But suffering through itchy eyes and a runny nose isn’t a great option, either. Well, […]

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