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Best Cat Carrier For Persian Cats

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Sure, your Persian cat might not be a frequent flyer.

But, either for a move or a vet visit, your cat will need to ride in a car, plane, or train at some point. And cat owners know, felines don’t always love riding in a cat carrier.

Since you want to keep your pet safe, it is important to transport them in a carrier. But how do you pick the right one?

This post is designed to help you choose the perfect carrier for your Persian cat. By the end, we hope you are ready to make an informed purchase.


Before we dive into reviews, let’s address some common questions regarding cat carriers.

Question 1: How do You Pick the Right Cat Carrier?

Ultimately, it comes down to your cat’s personality.

But, it is essential to make sure the carrier is the right size. You don’t want it to be too big or too small for your cat. They should be able to stand up, turn around, and lie down. It also shouldn’t be so large that they could slide around.

You need to think about your cat’s anxiety level. Very anxious cats generally do better with hard shell carriers. They can’t claw these as easily as a soft carrier. Also, consider a top-loading carrier. This makes it easy for you or the vet to help a hesitant feline in and out of the carrier.

Question 2: What Size Carrier Will Work Best for My Cat?

Ideally, choose a carrier that is 1.5 times the size of your cat. As we discussed earlier, they should be able to move around comfortably.

Also, always choose an adult-sized carrier, even for a kitten. Just fill the carrier with extra blankets if you are transporting a kitten.

Question 3: Which Material is Best?

This really depends on your cat’s personality. Some cats hate traveling. They experience intense anxiety. For these cats, it is best to choose a hard-sided carrier. They won’t be able to scratch and destroy the siding like they could with a soft carrier. Also, plastic carriers are easy to clean if your anxious cat decides they can’t wait for their litter box.

Calmer cats usually prefer soft-sided carriers. These are typically more comfortable. And, calm cats typically curl up and sleep during trips.

Question 4: How Can I Help my Cat Feel Comfortable in their Carrier?

Often, cats don’t like carriers. But there are ways to make your cat feel more comfortable about these foreign objects.

  • Use a pheromone spray–  By spraying this in the carrier, your cat will feel calmer. They will be more likely to explore the carrier and feel comfortable resting in it.
  • Keep the carrier out- Before you need to use it, leave the carrier out for a few days. Your cat will start to get familiar with it. And, it won’t seem like a foreign object when you need to transport your pet.
  • Reward your Cat- Anytime your cat rubs up against the carrier, reinforce their behavior with a treat. This will help them associate the carrier with positive memories.
  • Make it comfortable- Place pillows, blankets, and a toy in your cat’s carrier. This will make them feel more at home.

Question 5: Are Dog and Cat Carriers the Same?

Carriers are often designed to work for both cats and small dogs.

But, pay attention to the carrier’s description. If the seller doesn’t mention anything about cats, this probably isn’t the best carrier for you.

You can probably use the same carrier for a cat and small dog if you need to. Just make sure to clean the carrier out between each use. Your cat might not enjoy the carrier’s scent after it was used by a dog.

Choosing the Right Carrier for your Persian Cat

Ok, now I am going to look at the best cat carriers so you can make the right decision for your needs.

#1 A4Pet Collapsible Cat and Dog Carrier

The A4Pet Collapsible carrier is a popular soft-sided carrier. It allows for side and top loading, which is helpful for getting hesitant cats in and out.

It is well ventilated and comfortable. The bottom features a soft rigid floor, which makes it very sturdy.

This carrier comes in 3 sizes, so you can choose which option works best for your pet. Each size is airline approved and can easily buckle into a car. It also includes a car buckle, luggage attachment, and shoulder strap.  

The carrier is compact and can fold up for easy storage. Assembly is simple, you just need to zip up the sides.


  • Features top and side loading
  • Well ventilated
  • Sturdy base
  • 3 size options
  • Airline approved


  • Soft-sided carrier, which might not work for anxious cats

Check Reviews on Amazon Here

#2: PetLuv Soothing Happy Cat Premium Soft-Sided Cat Carrier & Travel Crate

The PetLuv Travel Crate comes in different sizes to fit your needs. You can choose a small, large, or rolling variety. It also comes in a few different colors.

This soft-sided crate features multiple access panels. This helps as you try to load and unload your pet.

This crate is comfortable and includes a padded floor pillow. It also offers proper ventilation.

The straps make it easy to carry. And, it is collapsible for convenient storage. It includes a seatbelt strap for safe car trips.


  • Multiple access panels (including the top)
  • Color and size variety
  • Comfortable and ventilated
  • Easy storage


  • Soft-sided carrier, which might not work for anxious cats

Check Amazon Reviews Here

#3: Pet Magasin Luxury Soft-Sided Cat Carrier

The Pet Magasin carrier is a large soft-sided pet carrier. It is suitable for most cats and small dogs. It also comes in multiple colors.

This carrier is soft, comfortable, and ventilated. It only offers front and back access panels, so you can’t top load your pet. But, it offers a clip inside the carrier. You can attach this to your cat’s collar if you are worried about them running when you open the carrier.

It folds down completely, so you can easily store this carrier. It also has a shoulder strap, which makes it easy to carry.

This carrier is perfect for car and airplane trips since it is approved by most major airlines.


  • Large carrier
  • Comfortable and well ventilated
  • Collar clip
  • Airline approved
  • Multiple access panels (including the top)


  • Only offers front and back access panels
  • Soft-sided carrier, which might not work for anxious cats

Check Amazon Reviews Here

#4: Sherpa Travel Original Deluxe Airline Approved Pet Carrier

The Sherpa Pet Carrier comes in multiple sizes and colors. It is a soft-sided carrier with a wire frame. This flexible design allows it to fit under seats. This carrier is approved by most major airlines. It also includes a seatbelt strap for car trips.

The soft liner is machine washable. Also, you can purchase replacement liners from Sherpa. It includes a comfortable shoulder strap, so you can easily carry your pet.

Since this features a wire frame, it does not collapse. So, you can’t fold this for easy storage. But it does offer multiple access points. You can load your cat into the carrier from the sides, front, or top.


  • Available in multiple sizes and colors
  • Approved by most major airlines
  • Comfortable and well-ventilated
  • Includes a machine washable liner


  • The wire frame doesn’t collapse so it takes a lot of storage room
  • Soft-sided carrier, which might not work for anxious cats

Check Amazon Reviews Here

#5: Petmate Two Door Top Load Pet Kennel

This 24” hard-sided carrier is ideal for anxious cats. Since it is hard-sided, cats can’t scratch and damage the carrier. Also, it features top and front access panels. Top loading is an easy way to put anxious cats in a carrier.

This carrier comes in multiple colors. It is appropriate for cats and small dogs. It is well ventilated, but not very comfortable. Make sure you place a soft pillow or blanket in the carrier for your pet.

The sturdy carrier can be easily secured in a car for travel. It can get heavy to carry since it doesn’t feature a shoulder strap.


  • Hard-sided which works well for anxious cats
  • Well-ventilated
  • Top and front loading


  • Not comfortable
  • Difficult to carry without a shoulder strap
  • Takes up a lot of storage room

Check Amazon Reviews Here

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, you need to decide which pet carrier is best for your cat.

I personally like soft-sided carriers. I have used both for my cat and she seems to prefer the soft-sided carriers. Even though she is an anxious traveler, she has never tried to destroy a carrier. She enjoys the comfort in a soft carrier.

As you make your decision, remember to factor in your budget, storage space, the method of transportation, and cat’s size.

I recently wrote a post on the 7 Best Cat Backpack Carriers, you may find this useful.

We hope this guide helps as you choose a cat carrier. We would love to hear what type of carrier you pick. Please share your story in the comments!

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