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Why Do Persian Cats Cry?

Persian cat Yawning

Most cats cry about different things at different times. Some more than others. If you have a Persian or are looking to get a Persian, you may like to know how much this furry feline, known as the royalty of domestic cats, meows and why.

Why Do Persian Cats Cry?

So, why do Persian meow or cry? What do they want? Well, they want what other cats want, but they aren’t nearly as vocal as some other cat breeds about such things.

Wanting To Go Outside

If you let your Persian out at all, whether regularly, for a treat, or an escape, they will let you know when they want out. Usually, this will start with sitting at the door. They may try to get your attention with those big round Persian eyes, but if you don’t pay attention, they will give you that meow.


All cats get bored, not just your Persian. They will let you know by vocalizing their boredom. The best way to keep your Persian happy is to play with them. Use toys such as Cat Dancer Cat Charmer Toy by Cat Dancer. It allows you to play with your kitty one on one. If you don’t have time to play with your kitty as much as they’d like, try something like Frisco 35-in Foldable Crinkle Play Tunnel and toss a few mice, springs, or balls down with it. This should keep your Persian from getting bored.


Is your fluffy Persian hungry? has dinner time past? Did you get busy and forget to feed them? If so, that meow they’re going around making is more than likely telling you, “Hey, I’m hungry. Feed me!”


Attention is another reason your Persian baby is crying. If you were gone at work all day that probably isn’t going to start your Persian meowing. Especially if you show her the same attention every day when you get home. However, if you were gone overnight or took a vacation and gone for longer than usual, you may get told how awful you are for leaving her.


If none of the other things listed are wrong. There is a possibility that your Persian feels under the weather. If this is the case, you should take your cat to the vet and have them checked out to be sure nothing is seriously wrong.

How Much Does a Persian Cat Meow?

Most cat breeds meow or cry. Who are the most vocal? Where does the Persian fit?

  1. Siamese
    The Siamese is the most vocal cat breed. They have a distinct meow that sounds like a human baby. They love to talk and have a list of unique sounds for every situation they think a meow is needed. Some people may find that they love talking to their Siamese. Others may find that a Siamese talks too much. Siamese cats will also sometimes carry on at night, making it hard for their human family members to sleep.
  2. Oriental shorthair
    Oriental shorthair cats are a lot like the Siamese. They can be nearly as vocal and loud. It’s not only their voice that is loud. They will make sure anyone around can hear what they have to say. Their purr can be quite noisy as well and sounds like a truck rumbling by.
  3. Burmese
    Burmese aren’t as loud as Siamese or Oriental shorthair. Burmese love to talk, especially when they are affectionate. They have a sweet, soft, raspy voice. They love cuddles.
  4. Japanese Bobtail
    The Japanese Bobtail has a voice like the Burmese, sweet and soft. These cats have a full range of sounds they make, long sweet meows, to short little chirps. Japanese Bobtails are also a social cat and perfect for those that like to interact and talk to their cats daily.
  5. Maine Coon
    Maine Coons, one of the largest cat breeds, are nicknamed, the gentle giant. The Maine Coon loves to talk to their people. These cats for all their size don’t have loud meows. They trill, chirp, or meow in a high pitch, soft meow. These cats speak with inflections and seem as if they are asking questions.
  6. Persian
    Persians are known for their sweet, melodious voice. As a breed, they aren’t big talkers. That isn’t to say they won’t cry to let you know that need something. However, they like to use their big, round eyes to show their people how much they love them or that their dish is empty and it’s time to eat. I recently wrote an article Do Persian Cats Meow A lot?

There are a few cats I left off this list. On this list, the Persian came in last because of their sweet and sing-song voice. All these cats have pros and cons and are a fit for certain people. Another reason the Persian is last on my list is that they would rather give you looks rather than speak up vocally.


Persian cats aren’t the most vocal breed, but they will let you know if they need something, are missing something, or they don’t feel well. These fluffy, furry, felines are quiet, usually sleeping somewhere, or loving on their people.

What about your Persian cat? Does this fit or do they have their own way of communicating? Do they meow more or less than the Persian this article shows? Let us know in the comments below.

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