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5 Items Every Persian Cat Owner Needs

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If like me you’re lucky enough to own one of these adorable balls of fur then you will be aware that they aren’t the easiest breed to look after. However, us Persian cat owners don’t care as we are more than happy to put in the work that’s required to maintain one of these beautiful cats.

Some items can make your day to day life much easier and owning a Persian cat (almost) becomes as easy as owning any other breed of cat.

So without further ado let’s get into what these items are.

1. Long Haired Cat Brush

If you don’t have a cat brush then you certainly need one with a Persian. To keep your Persian cats fur in pristine condition it’s recommended that you brush them at least once per day.

If you stop brushing them for a few days the mats tend to build up quickly and they soon become so bad they need shaving.

Daily brushing is a preventative measure with Persians and it will make both your lives much easier if you stick to a consistent schedule.

I have an in depth guide on choosing the best long haired cat brush you can view it here.

2. Cat Clippers

You have two options with a Persian cat you either take them to a groomer or you buy a pair of clippers and trim their fur yourself.

I find having a pair of clippers to trim their fur when it becomes a bit long and ragged is a good way to reduce mats and tangles.

You can also keep things tidy by trimming around their bum to avoid the dreaded feces stuck to their bum which most of us Persian owners have had to endure at some point or another.

I’ve tested most of the clippers out there and I prefer the Wahl Professional Arco you can read some of the reviews at Amazon here. I also wrote a full guide on the best cat clippers for Persian cats.

3. Cat Shampoo

One of the best ways to look after your Persian cat’s coat is to bath them at least once per month. If you would like to read an in depth guide about bathing your Persian you can view a post I wrote on it here.

You will need a good shampoo which will keep your Persians coat clean and also free from fleas and ticks.

I like the Earthbath All Natural this works as a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner. For a flea and tick prevention shampoo Adams Plus Flea & Tick Shampoo is a good option.

I wrote a guide on the best cat shampoos, this should provide you with more information which will help you make an informed decision.

4. Pet Dryer

Once you’ve mastered the art of bathing your Persian cat (which can be a challenge) you will then be faced with the prospect of getting them dry.

You can try towel drying the excess water off but they will still be very wet as their undercoat is very dense and holds a lot of water.

When I first got Milo I would use a human hairdryer which would scare him due to the noise and it would also take forever as they’re not powerful enough. I then got thinking about when I had been to the groomer and seen the industrial-looking dryers they had and how quiet they were in comparison.

A pet dryer is far superior at drying your cat than a human hairdryer, they have better temperature regulation and provide a better all-round experience for your cat.

I wrote an in depth guide which reviews the 5 Best Pet Hair Dryers for Cats.

5. Persian Cat Food Bowl

Due to the flat nature of a Persian cats face they prefer to eat from shallow bowls, deep bowls can be difficult for your Persian eat from. You will often notice with a deep bowl that your Persian will drop a lot of the food on the floor as they struggle to get the food out of the bowl.

The solution is a shallow bowl, some bowls are specifically designed for flat faced cats. Most cats prefer shallow bowls as they don’t interfere with their whiskers.

These cat bowls are inexpensive and are a nice item to have for any Persian cat owner in my opinion.

I also wrote a post reviewing the best cat fowl bowls that you may find useful.

Final Thoughts

This list is by no means definitive, however (in my opinion) I feel these are “must-have” items for any Persian cat owner.

Each one of these items will either make yours or your cats life that little bit easier. Should you want a complete guide on grooming your Persian cat then you can read a post I wrote here.

There were other products that would have been “nice” to have that didn’t make the list. If you’re curious what these were, then leave a comment below and I may do a follow up to this post.

What do you have in your tool kit? Are there some products you feel I’ve missed off the essential list? Let me know in the comments section below!

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