Best Persian Cat Toy

Persian cats are no different to most cats in the respect that they get bored quite easily. To keep your cat active and entertained you need a toy they won’t get bored of. In this post, we will look at the best Persian cat toy to keep your fluffy ball of fun entertained. A bored Persian […]

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How To Clean Your Persian Cat’s Eyes

Persian cats are slightly high maintenance. But a little grooming goes a long way for your feline friend. In addition to regular baths and frequent brushing, their eyes need to be cleaned. Every day. I know, this might seem overwhelming. But cleaning your Persian cat’s eyes doesn’t need to be intimidating. In fact, this is an […]

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Best Cat Food for Persian Cats

As a Persian cat owner, you’ve probably asked yourself the question “What is the best cat food for Persian cats” I know I did when I first bought Milo. You see Persian cats are slightly different than most breeds in the respect that they do require a specific diet in order to keep their long […]

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Best Brush For Long-Haired Cats

One of the biggest challenges of owning any long-haired cat is grooming, finding the best brush for long-haired cats will certainly make the process a little easier for you. Regular brushing for any long-haired cat especially Persian’s is paramount, as their fur will quickly become tangled and messy if it isn’t brushed. Another benefit to […]

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Persian Kitten Care- Top Grooming Tips

Persian Kitten Care Guide So you’ve finally bought your Persian Kitten and entered into the world of Persian cat ownership, but like many of us Persian cat owners, you wonder about Persian kitten care and what are the first things you need to know about looking after one of these beautiful kittens. I’ve been there and […]

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