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Best Cat Water Fountains

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Milo Drinking from Catit Design Fountain

Cats are quite unique in many respects but one thing most people find is that their cat doesn’t drink enough water. As we all know water is vital to cats to keep them hydrated and provide them with the vitality they need. This is where a pet water fountain comes in.

These are an easy way to help your cat get the water they need. Your cat will be attracted to the fresh flowing water, which will ultimately help them stay hydrated.

If you are considering purchasing a cat water fountain there are many options you can choose from. In this post, we will look at 7 of the best cat water fountains on the market. By the end of the post, we hope you feel prepared to select the best cat water fountain for your pets.

Quick Reference

#1 Best Overall Cat Water Fountain: Catit Flower Fountain

#2 Best Large Capacity Water Fountain: PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Fountain

#3 Best Budget Cat Water Fountain: Hommii Pet Drinking Water Fountain

#4 Best Fountain with 360 Degree Access: PetSafe Drinkwell 360 Stainless Steel Pet Fountain

#5 Best Fountain for Both Cats and Dogs: PetSafe Drinkwell 7.5 Litre Pet Fountain

#6 Best Stainless Steel Cat Water Fountain: Pioneer Pet Stainless Steel Fountain

#7 Best Quiet Cat Water Fountain: Cat Mate Fresh Water Drinking Fountain


Before we look at the reviews, let’s discuss some common questions related to cat water fountains.

What is a Cat Water Fountain?

​A cat water fountain is a water bowl that has a small pump to create a supply of fresh clean water. You’re probably thinking exactly what I did when I first heard of cat water fountains, does this require any plumbing? The short answer is NO because the water bowl will typically have a generous water capacity of 2L-3L and this is self-contained within the bowl.

So there’s no need for any messy plumbing or any alterations within your house. Phew! I’m glad we got that sorted!

The only thing you will need is a plug nearby so you can connect the cat water fountain to the mains electric as this powers the ultra-low voltage pump.

Are Cat Water Fountains Worth It and Do You Really Need One?

There are no correct answers to this really so let’s look at the main purpose and benefit of having a water fountain.

The whole idea behind a cat water fountain is to encourage your cat to drink more water. You’re probably wondering how a water fountain can achieve this- well it’s simple, cats love moving objects especially water so this will entice them into drinking more water. Some cats, of course, will play with the water as they see it move but they will still generally drink more water as a result of the fountain.

The other main benefit is the fact that it’s an ongoing process to keep your cats drinking bowls clean and topped up. With a water fountain, there is a constant supply of fresh clean water that’s filtered within the system.

If you’re a multi-cat household this will mean that you may need to fill the fountain up every 3 or 4 days. At the moment if you have a normal drinking bowl you will need to clean the bowl and put fresh water in daily.

Of course, most people are fine with this but if your cat eats mainly a dry diet or just generally doesn’t drink much water a cat fountain is definitely worth looking into.

In my opinion, they’re worth the investment but only if you have a cat that doesn’t drink much water or eats mainly dry food. I suppose any cat could benefit from drinking more water but how do you really know what is enough water for your cat?

How much water does your cat need?

According to petMD, the average cat needs 1 ounce/28ml of water per pound of body weight.

If for example, your cat weights 9lbs/4kg then they will need 8 ounces/227ml of water per day, which is roughly an average sized cup.

Obviously, this is a rough estimate as there are quite a few variables to consider. Your cat may be larger or smaller and may be more or less active than the example above, however, it’s a good measuring stick.

The other thing you need to consider is how much wet food your cat eats. Wet food contains a large amount of water and therefore if your cat eats a lot of wet food then they will generally require less water. If your cat eats a mainly dry food diet then they will most likely require more water.

The way I see it, as with humans the more water we get the better. If there’s any tool out there that can make our cats drink more water and be healthier, as a result, it’s surely a great idea, right?

Are They Safe?

Before purchasing any gadget for your pet it is important to consider their safety. You don’t want to bring something into your home that could accidentally harm your cat.

Overall, cat water fountains are extremely safe. You don’t need to be concerned about an electrical short or your cat getting water in their nose. Cats are drawn towards running water and they instinctively know how to drink flowing water. Your cat will enjoy using their water fountain and will ultimately stay more hydrated than they would from using a traditional water bowl.

What To Look For in a Water Fountain

Before purchasing a new cat water fountain, there are a few factors you should consider. The size, material, price, and location are just a few things to think about.

  • Size- How many cats will be using the water fountain? If you have one cat, you can likely stick to a smaller water fountain. But, if you are a multi-cat family, you will need to choose a larger fountain that can accommodate all of the thirsty cats in your home.
  • Material– When purchasing a cat water fountain you will realize there are a few different materials you can choose from. These fountains are available in plastic, ceramic, and stainless steel varieties. Many people stay away from plastic fountains because they are harder to sanitize than steel or ceramic fountains.
  • Price– You need to consider your budget before selecting a water fountain. In this post, we will cover water fountains that fit a range of price points. But, you need to think about how much you are willing to spend because that will ultimately help make your decision.
  • Location– Spend some time deciding where you want to place your water fountain in your home. Most of these water fountains need to be plugged into a power source, so take that into consideration before buying a fountain.

How to Help Your Cat Use It

Whenever you introduce your cat to something new, you need to give them time to get familiar with the object. Your cat might be nervous around the water fountain at first. Give them some time to smell and explore the fountain on their own. They will likely be attracted to the running water and will soon realize what they are dealing with.

With time, your cat will probably enjoy the water fountain and use it on a regular basis. Reward your cat with treats, pets, or a kind and affirming voice when they use the water fountain to reinforce this positive behavior.

Best Cat Water Fountain Reviews

Now that we know more about cat water fountains, let’s look at the reviews. In this section, we will review the 7 best cat water fountains on the market. We will discuss the best overall water fountain and rank the remaining 6 based on specific criteria.

These are all high-quality water fountains that would be a great option for your cat.

Best Overall Cat Water Fountain: Catit Flower Fountain

The Catit flower water fountain is certainly unique in its design and holds an impressive 3L of water. This fountain has been designed to provide a natural drinking experience for your cat and provides a “whisker stress-free surface” at a comfortable height for adult cats.

The unit is very compact and is dishwasher compatible making cleaning a breeze. The fountain uses a low voltage pump as most of its rivals do to ensure quiet operation and energy efficiency. This fountain has the ability to alter the water speed and flow.

Unlike with open bowl fountains, this unique design does not allow debris from the floor to enter the fountain. This helps keep the water fresh and clean. Also, the flower on top of the fountain is known to help attract cats to the fountain.

This fountain includes a triple-action filter that helps remove certain minerals from tap water. Calcium and magnesium are removed, which can be detrimental to your cat’s health. This filtration system also helps remove any food waste or fur that might get into the water. Replacement filters are available to purchase online when you need to switch them out and typically last 4 weeks in my experience, it’s important to note that the filters can block up especially in hard water areas, I’ve experienced this myself.

I’ve used and tested this water fountain extensively and in my opinion, it has been the go-to water fountain for my cats. I think for the price point and ease of cleaning this water fountain is hard to beat.

Overall, this is a great water fountain if you only have one cat. If you are a multi-cat family you might need to replace the water more often or consider selecting a larger capacity water fountain.


  • Flower design encourages cats to drink more
  • Whisker, stress-free surface, perfect height for cats to drink from
  • Doesn’t attract debris from the floor as open bowl fountains do
  • Good value for money


  • Some users reported that their cats didn’t use the fountain due to the flower design
  • Expensive filters
  • Filters aren’t the best quality and after a few weeks they can block up, especially in hard water areas

I recorded a video review of this fountain explaining my experiences of using it and my general thoughts.

Learn More on Amazon

Best Large Capacity Water Fountain: PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Fountain

PetSafe Drinkwell platinum

The PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain is a top of the range cat water fountain. Boasting a huge 5L tank supplying filtered water for your cat or dog.

This fountain uses a low voltage pump which is near silent in operation. ​It comes with adjustable flow control so you can set the speed of the water flow to your cat’s needs. Some cats do prefer a faster flow of water. ​This fountain also comes with a built-in water filter so you can be assured that the water is in its purest form.​

The fountain is BPA free and dishwasher safe. But, it is often challenging to clean. The fountain is hard to disassemble and reassemble. Also, debris can easily get trapped in the fountain. It is recommended to clean this fountain on a weekly basis. I found if it wasn’t cleaned at least once per week the water became grimy.

The fountain’s built-in reservoir means you don’t have to refill the fountain very often. This is great for a multi-pet family.

​When using this fountain, pay attention to the speed of water your cat prefers. If it is too fast or too slow they might not be interested in drinking from it. Overall, most cats really enjoy this fountain and it will help them drink more water than they would from a standard bowl. My cats had no problem using this water fountain.


  • Top of the range product with a huge 5L tank
  • Low voltage pump
  • Well built and high quality
  • Quiet in operation


  • Slightly more expensive than its rivals
  • Difficult to clean
  • The plastic coating can start to wear off with time, leaving the bowl with an unpolished feel

I’ve used this fountain now long-term and I also wrote a more detailed post that you can read here.

I also recorded a video review which you can view below.

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Best Budget Cat Water Fountain: Hommii Pet Drinking Water Fountain

Hommii Pet Water Fountain

The Hommii Pet drinking water fountain is one of the best budget cat fountains on the market. This fountain includes a flower design on the top, which is known to easily attract cats. This fountain comes with three different flow settings including gentle, bubble, and quiet. This allows you to control the water pressure and amount to make sure your cat gets the water they need.

This fountain uses coal filters to remove harmful minerals and debris from tap water. It also helps remove odors that would otherwise keep your cat from drinking the water.

The fountain sits at a comfortable height for both kittens and adult cats. It is easy to disassemble and clean when needed. The fountain comes with a neat little mat that catches the water.

It is important to note that this is not an ideal fountain for multi-cat families. The smaller size works well for single cat homes. Also, the replacement filters are more cost-effective than others on the market which helps keep this an overall affordable water fountain.

The water fountain is relatively quiet overall. But, there isn’t a water level gauge and the fountain does get louder as the water level becomes lower.

My cats continue to use this water fountain and I think that for the money it provides great value, especially with the low cost of the replacement filters.


  • Ideal for single cat households
  • Quiet in general operation
  • Low replacement filter costs
  • Easy to clean


  • Small capacity 1.6L, not ideal for multiple cats
  • Becomes noisy as the water gets lower (splashing sound can be heard)
  • No water level gauge

I recorded a video review giving you a quick overview of the product and some of its features.

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Best Fountain with 360 Degree Access: PetSafe Drinkwell 360 Stainless Steel Pet Fountain

This stainless steel fountain was designed to attract pets to the flowing water. This design helps your cat stay hydrated. The fountain offers 360-degree access to the water, so your cat can enjoy fresh water from anywhere around the fountain. This is a great option for multi-pet households because it allows for multiple animals to enjoy the water at once.

Since this is a stainless steel fountain, it naturally resists bacterial growth. This helps keep the fountain sanitary and reduces how often you need to clean the fountain. When you are ready to clean the fountain, it is easy to disassemble and is dishwasher safe.

The pump used in this fountain is relatively silent. This is a good option if you need to place the fountain close to your bedroom. It also includes replaceable carbon filters which help remove the unwanted minerals and debris from the water. You will need to purchase new filters when it is time to replace these.

The unique stainless steel design of this fountain sets it apart from others on the market. If you are interested in an aesthetically pleasing fountain, this might be the perfect option for your home.


  • Stainless steel resists bacterial growth
  • 360-degree design allows for multiple pets to enjoy the fountain together
  • Relatively silent
  • Aesthetically pleasing


  • More expensive than some on the market
  • Filters need to be replaced
  • Some users complained that the fountain pump clogged easily

Learn More on Amazon

Best Fountain for Both Cats and Dogs: PetSafe Drinkwell 7.5 Litre Pet Fountain

The PetSafe Drinkwell 7.5 Litre Pet Fountain is a large fountain that is perfect for multi-pet households. Both cats and dogs enjoy drinking the free-flowing water from this fountain. The square bowl helps reduce the amount of water splashing when multiple pets are drinking at once.

You can control the flow of water on this fountain, so you can adjust this to your pets needs. The lowest setting is fairly silent and this is a great option for nighttime. It is very easy to clean and refill the fountain. There are no tiny or hard-to-reach crevices to clean. Everything (except the pump) is dishwasher safe. Just disassemble and place in the dishwasher to clean.

The fountain is easy to assemble

This fountain includes a carbon filtration system to remove chlorine, small particles, and odor. This helps protect your cat’s health and also encourages them to stay hydrated. Most cats will avoid water fountains if they can detect an odor.

This is also a great option if your cat is nervous about the flower-type fountains. Some cats seem to avoid the flower but this fountain resembles more of a natural water stream. Give your cat time to get used to the fountain if they still seem unsure about it. Overall this is a wonderful cat and dog fountain that is great to use in a multi-pet household.

For one cat this water fountain would be too big and a little bit overkill. My cats did use the fountain but it wasn’t their first choice. They preferred the flower fountains.


  • Ideal for multiple pets
  • The square bowl helps reduce water spills
  • Carbon filter removes unwanted particles
  • Adjustable water flow


  • Large fountain isn’t as necessary for single cat households
  • Higher price point compared to competitors
  • Filter needs to be replaced fairly often

I recorded a video demonstrating the benefits of this water fountain below.

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Best Stainless Steel Cat Water Fountain: Pioneer Pet Stainless Steel Fountain

The Pioneer Pet Stainless Steel Fountain is a high-grade stainless steel pet fountain. With it being made from stainless steel this is a product that’s built to last. This cat water fountain is dishwasher safe.

Near silent in operation, using a low voltage pump, and being energy efficient are just some of the features of this product.

This is an aesthetically pleasing unit if this is something that’s important to you. Other than being stainless steel there wasn’t anything unique about this product that’s not available in other more cheaper cat water fountains.

This fountain also includes a replaceable charcoal filter that helps remove unwanted minerals and debris from the water supply. This filter should be changed about once a month. The fountain is relatively easy to clean. It is recommended to clean the fountain 1-3 times a month. Unplug, disassemble, wash, reassemble, and you are done.

Overall this is a smaller fountain compared to others on the list. It is great for a single cat home but you might want to consider the larger size if you have multiple cats. Pioneer offers a larger fountain, but this does come at a higher price point.


  • Stainless steel design
  • High quality
  • Quiet in operation
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Expensive compared to rivals
  • Small water tank
  • Filters need to be replaced monthly

Learn More on Amazon

Best Quiet Cat Water Fountain: Cat Mate Fresh Water Drinking Fountain

The Cat Mate drinking fountain is a high-quality water fountain, it’s a best seller on many websites and for good reason too. This water fountain is well made and sturdy and it will hold 2L of water. It has the ability to change the intensity of the flow of the water.

The layout of the fountain makes it very easy for the cat to drink the water. The bowls are dishwasher safe which makes cleaning quick and easy.

The Cat Mate drinking fountain comes with changeable filters to ensure the water quality is good. Cat Mate states these last about one month but if you have a water filter for your own water at your house then these may not be needed as often as Cat Mate suggest.

The Cat Mate fountain includes an I.P.S. (Isolated Pump System) which makes the fountain almost completely silent. This is a great option if you need to keep the water fountain near your bedroom. The fountain also has a 10-foot power cord so you can place this in a location that is not right next to a power source.

The main downside to this cat water fountain is its small water storage tank which is only 2L so not ideal for multiple cats.


  • Quiet in operation
  • Energy efficient
  • Well built and high-quality
  • Well priced compared to rivals


  • Not the largest tank at 2L
  • It is easy for water to spill out of this fountain
  • The motor can emit a slight hum as it gets older

Learn More on Amazon

Catit Flower Water Fountain vs. PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Water Fountain

I’ve used both of these water fountains extensively so I thought I would be in the perfect position to do a comparison between them both. These are two of the most popular water fountains on the market, however, they are very different and both have their unique benefits. Check the video below for my honest assessment.

Cat Water Fountain Round-Up

We just looked at a lot of different cat water fountains. Before making your final decision, let’s take a brief look at the main points from each review.

Catit Flower Fountain

  • Flower-design attracts some cats
  • Doesn’t attract debris from the ground
  • Perfect height for cats
  • $

PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Water Fountain

  • BPA-free plastic
  • Large 5L tank
  • Relatively quiet
  • $$

Hommii Pet Drinking Water Fountain

  • Ideal for single-cat households
  • Affordable replacement filters
  • Quiet
  • $

PetSafe Drinkwell 360 Stainless Steel Pet Fountain

  • Stainless steel material
  • 360-degree access to water
  • Great for multi-pet households
  • $$$

PetSafe Drinkwell 7.5 Litre Pet Fountain

  • Ideal for multiple pets
  • Square bowl reduces water spills
  • Easy to clean
  • $$$

Pioneer Pet Stainless Steel Fountain

  • Stainless steel material
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • $$

Cat Mate Fresh Water Drinking Fountain

  • Quiet fountain
  • Energy efficient
  • Great for single-cat homes
  • $

Final Thoughts

Now that you know more about the best cat water fountains it is time to decide which is the best for your home. Before making your decision, remember to consider a few different factors. How many cats do you have? If you only have one, you can choose a smaller water fountain. Do you have a cat and a dog? If so, you should pick a fountain that works for multiple types of animals. Also, think about the material you want. Do you want plastic or stainless steel. How important are aesthetics to you?

All of the options in this post are great cat water fountains. After reviewing all of the choices we selected the Catit Flower Fountain as our favorite. This fountain is easy to clean and it doesn’t attract debris like other fountains. Plus, it is very cost effective compared to some others on the market. The flower also helps attract many cats to this fountain.

Overall, select the fountain that is right for you and your cat. The most important thing is that your cat gets enough water to stay hydrated and healthy.

Do you have any experience with a cat water fountain? Feel free to share your story in the comments below!

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