Milo Persian cat

Best Way To Remove Matted Fur

Dealing with mats on your Persian cat is part of Persian cat ownership, regardless of how well groomed, your cat is you will still encounter the dreaded matted fur. Most long-haired cats have very thick and dense fur and if this isn’t cleaned or brushed often it bonds together creating… 

Hepper Cat Pod Bed Review

Hepper Cat Pod Bed Review

When it comes to sleeping arrangements our cats can be quite fussy. I know this from personal experience, I bought (what I thought) was the perfect cat bed, it was soft and just like any regular cat bed, surely this would be perfect for my Persian cat? How wrong I… 

Persian cat shed

Do Persian Cats Shed?

The Persian cat is instantly recognizable with its long luxurious coat and short flat nose. They’re a glamorous cat and it’s no coincidence that they’re one of the most popular breeds of cat.  As with any long-haired cat, they do require a fair bit of maintenance to keep their coats…