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Best Pet Grooming Gloves for Persian Cats

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As any Persian cat owner knows, these cats have a thick coat with long luxurious fur. It’s a must for a Persian owner to groom their cat daily. However, it shouldn’t be necessary to do a full brush out every day. That is where pet grooming gloves come in. These make grooming your feline friend much more comfortable. For one thing, using the grooming gloves will be more like petting your cat than brushing them.

What Makes Grooming Gloves a Good Choice?

There are several reasons a grooming glove might be better for your Persian than a brush.

First, they could eliminate the fear your cat may have of the brush. Many pets, Persian cats included, fear grooming time.

Second, brushes can pull when caught in a tangle of hair. Your cat may fear the pain that a brush causes. With the grooming glove, you eliminate pulling their hair and possibly scratching your pet’s skin. Grooming gloves make it easier to remove tangles and mats.

Third, these gloves are not only gentle on your Persian’s skin. You can give them a deep massage, which makes kitty feel great.

Fourth, they can be used wet or dry. You can use the gloves when you bathe your Persian to help disperse the shampoo better. They also allow you to suds your cat’s fur better, reaching deep into their fur, getting them clean from the skin to the tips of their hair. Dry, as stated above, they are just like a brush, but gentler.

Fifth, they clean up easily. Most grooming gloves clean up as quickly as peeling the loose hair right off. 

Two Types of Grooming Gloves

There are two types of grooming gloves, mitts and five-fingered.

Mitts are easier to clean because the hair won’t clump between the fingers. The mitten type also allows you to remove loose hair and spread natural oils that help keep you Persian’s coat clean. Mitts will also fit larger hands better than the five-fingered gloves.

The five-fingered gloves allow you to reach all the places on your cat, getting to the small space to help clean and massage their skin and fur.

When it comes down to it, it’s your choice in what type of glove you get.

What to Look for When You Buy Grooming Gloves

There are a few things you should be aware of when it comes to purchasing grooming gloves.

You’ll want to find gloves made from high-quality materials to make sure you don’t buy something that might be toxic to your pet. The size of the glove you purchase is also important. You want something comfortable for you. If you have larger hands, you may wish to buy a mitt. Keep in mind that if you are left-handed that you search out those gloves made especially for lefties. Most five-fingered grooming gloves come in pairs, so which hand you get isn’t as important. The nodules on most mitts or five-fingered gloves have mostly the same nodule pattern. The finger-style gloves usually have a combination of nubs that can detangle and massage all at once. The nub design doesn’t have a lot to do with how the gloves work. It’s your preference to what pattern you get.

Will you use your glove to brush your Persian, or will you use it when you bathe them as well? If you plan on bathing them as well, make sure the glove you purchase can use either wet or dry.

If you have multiple furry pets in your home, it would also be a great idea to get a brand of glove that you can use for not only your Persian, but your other cat(s), dogs, guinea pigs, or rabbits. Be sure to check on the uses for your glove. Some are marked only for cats and dogs. Others are for multiple types of pets.

What are the Best Grooming Gloves for my Persian?

Here we’ll take a look at several different brands of gloves. We’ll give you as much information on them as we can, as well as the pros and cons of each brand.

HandsOn Pet Grooming Gloves

These gloves come in small, medium, large, extra-large, and junior. I’m assuming junior is for child-sized hands. Made with bristle tips on the fingers and round tips on the palm, they let you de-shed and massage your kitty all at once. They will help you gently remove loose hair, debris, and tangles. The non-abrasive rubber nodules allow you to groom your cat without hurting them. These gloves work in or out of the bath, wet or dry. They are ideal for pets with long or short hair.

These gloves have an adjustable hook and loop fastener at the wrist, so you have no fear of them sliding off during use. In addition to making your grooming job simple, your pet should also love the way these gloves feel running over their fur. They are easy to clean as well, rub your gloved hands together to get rid of the hair as you go. Once you finish grooming your cat, you can rinse them off with water and let them air dry. You can also throw them in the washer for even faster cleaning.  


  • Several sizes that make finding the right fit easy
  • They work on long or short hair, a plus for Persian owners
  • You can use them wet or dry
  • These gloves are easy to clean
  • Pets love them


  • Not quite as effective as advertised
  • Complaints of getting a knock off-brand rather than the brand offered
  • Substandard materials

DrillT op All-New 2020 Pet Grooming Glove

These gloves have a new pattern for better use. The nubs, made from silicone are gentle on your cat’s skin and help remove excess hair. With these gloves, you can groom your Persian and pet them all at the same time. They are also great to massage the shampoo into your pet’s fur at bath time. Easy to clean, they make grooming times fast and straightforward.


  • They’re an excellent tool for grooming your pet
  • These gloves help clean up hair for a happier home
  • Keeps your hands clean
  • They are easy to clean
  • They can be used wet or dry


  • Only come in one size
  • Your cat might not like them

Otis & Claude Pet Grooming Gloves

Here is another five-fingered grooming glove. Its rubber nubs are gentle on your cat’s skin and sturdy enough to remove loose hair easily. With the five-finger design, you have more control and mobility. You’re able to groom your cat everywhere, not just the larger areas of their body. These gloves are easy to clean. Just peel the layer of hair away. You can use these glove dry or in the bath. These are machine washable as well, so you don’t have to worry about them becoming too dirty to use. These gloves are great for your Persian cat, but also your other furry pets as well.


  • Control and Mobility
  • Easy to Clean
  • Suitable for all your furry pets


  • Static electricity
  • One size only

Furbuster 3-in-1 Grooming Glove

The Petmate FurBuster Grooming Glove comes with straps inside so that even those with smaller hands can wear it comfortably. There is also a velcro strap at the wrist for a better fit. The mesh material allows water to flow through, so it dries faster. The FurBuster can be used wet or dry. The rubber side has many fingerlike nubs that enable you to brush your pet.  The fabric, on the other hand, can pick up loose hair and will aid you in clean up once you’ve groomed your pet.


  • Has straps inside to help with fit
  • Mesh material allows for water to flow through and quicker drying


  • Hard to clean
  • May not work on your pet
  • May be too large on some people

SunGrow Vet Approved Deshedding Glove

This mitt can help you calm a pet that hates getting groomed as it will be more like a petting session rather than a grooming session. It can help remove loose hair your pet otherwise sheds around the house. It will also keep your pet mat and tangle-free. This glove is excellent for all furry pets with long or short fur. It fits big and small hands and has an adjustable wrist strap as well.


  • Made to fit all hand sizes
  • It is excellent for long or short-haired pets


  • Comes apart at the seams easily
  • Has an unpleasant glue smell

Final Thoughts

The grooming gloves above are just a few of the better ones out there. There are many more. We tried to pick the best ones for long-haired cats like our Persians. They all seem to do the same job well, with only a few negative things about them. Hopefully, our choices will help you make an informed decision on which grooming glove you get for your Persian cat.

What about our Persian owners out there? Do you have a favorite grooming glove or mitt that you and your Persian love? Let us know all about it in the comments below.

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