Best Pet Hair Dryers For Cats

Best Pet dryers for Cats

As any cat or dog owner will rightly know grooming your pet can be a challenge but it's something that needs to be done. 

Grooming your cat is even more of a challenge than a dog, cats just don't like to stand still for long and will often try run away when they hear noise. 

As the lucky owner of a Persian cat I've had my trials and tribulations grooming my own Persian cat. One of the most difficult tasks is actually drying your cat. 

Any long-haired cat or dog owner will know it can take an age to dry your pet with a conventional human hair dryer. Not only that but the noise will certainly scare your cat.

In this post, I'm going to look at the best pet hair dryers that will not only be more efficient but will save you time and hassle when drying your cat. Hopefully, this will stop you both dreading the situation!

What is a pet hair dryer and do you need one?

Pet hair dryers are nothing new, they've been around for a while now but they're often reserved for professional groomers. There's a reason these people don't use a regular human hair dryer as they're just not very good at drying a pet's fur. This is also true for clippers, you need professional grade equipment.

In short, a pet hair dryer is a more powerful, quieter, robust version of the human hair dryer. Not only do they have better temperature control and a range of different speeds that are designed to dry thicker more course pet hair. 

As to whether or not you need one is entirely up to you. I would be inclined to say if you have a long-haired cat such as a Persian cat or a Maine Coon or Ragdoll then it makes sense if you groom your cat yourself, as many of us do. 

Although a household hair dryer may seem like a great alternative it's not worth the hassle, trust me I've tried it.

Top 3 Pet Hair Dryers for your cat

Without further ado, let's look at the top 3 pet hair dryers.

#1 Go Pet  Club Pet Dryer 

The Go Pet Club pet dryer for cats and dogs is a best seller online and for good reason too. 

It's a professional pet dryer designed for the home. It brings you that salon grooming experience from home.

Featuring a powerful 2400w motor with 2 adjustable speeds and 2 temperature control settings and low noise output makes this a great all-rounder. 

The airspeed is 25 m/s to 50 m/s and temperature control from 30c to 70c which allows you to dry your cat fast at the optimum temperature.

The hose is reinforced and puncture resistant, obviously this is very important when drying cat's with their sharp claws as they do tend to attack things when you're drying them sometimes.

Based on the reviews online of this product most people rate it 4-5 stars and comment how powerful yet affordable it is. For this reason, it takes our number one spot.

​#2 Free Paws Pet Hair Dryer 

The Free Paws pet hair dryer boasts an impressive list of stats and narrowly missed out on the number one spot as a result. The Go Pet Club pet dryer just edged it on price. 

The 4HP motor works on a range from 400w-3000w and is said to be very quiet in operation producing less than 62db. 

Airflow speed is 25m/s-56m/s.

It comes with a power lead that's 2.5 FT long so this is ideal for drying your pet anywhere around the house or even out on the patio.

Overall a great pet dryer that's ideal for your Persian cat and will certainly help save you time and effort.

​#3 Flying Pig Pet Dryer 

The flying one pet dryer is a product produced and developed by the flying pig grooming company.

This pet dryer features an 1800w motor which is said to produce up to 4HP.

Featuring multiple speeds and temperature settings from 27c to 71c giving you a wide range of cooling options.

What I like about this pet dryer is the fact that it is very durable and comes with a 1-year warranty. 

The downsides are that it's quite expensive when compared to its rivals.

Final Thoughts 

Overall a pet dryer is a worthy investment in my opinion, not only will it save you time and hassle but it will also make the grooming experience more pleasant for your cat. Human hair dryers are generally too hot and don't provide enough air flow to dry your cat fast. Bathing your Persian cat is quite a stressful process for your cat so you don't want to prolong this experience, otherwise, it will become a dreaded event.

Let me know your thoughts, do you use a pet dryer for your Persian cat and if so how do you find that it saves you time and effort?

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