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Best Cat Grooming Scissors

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Having your Persian or other cats groomed can be expensive, or perhaps your cat isn’t social enough to have a stranger wash, comb, and cut their hair. It’s also a possibility you have a Persian with anxiety, and it’s just not feasible to take them to the groomers. Whatever the case, you may decide to groom at home. That’s fine, but you should have the right tools, starting with the right scissors.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best scissors for cutting your Persian’s hair.

Who Should Buy Cat Grooming Scissors?

Persian cat parents who want to groom their cat at home should consider purchasing a pair of cat grooming scissors. These scissors are not like regular scissors. Designed to trim you Persian’s fur, they won’t harm your pet as you cut their hair. Many cat grooming scissors have rounded blade tips for the safety of your cat, and cushioned finger rests for your comfort.

Some cat grooming scissors are a bit pricey, but you should always look for a high-quality pair of scissors. However, this doesn’t mean you have to go broke to buy a pair of excellent scissors for your furry feline. There are quality scissors available that won’t have you eating on the cheap to purchase them.

Important Features

There are several features you should consider when buying scissors to groom your cat

Type. Some of the most popular cat grooming scissors are straight cat grooming scissors, curved grooming scissors, and thinning shears. The straight grooming scissors are for all-over trimming of your cat’s coat. They are suitable for long-haired cats that require regular grooming. Thinning shears remove a small amount of hair with each cut and are great for Persians that may need some parts of their coat thinned. Curved scissors are excellent precision tools. They are for delicate areas such as the face and paws.

Size. You should choose shorter scissors for your Persian. There are longer ones, but these are for larger animals such as big dogs.

Blade quality. The scissors your purchase should have high-quality, sharp blades, it will ensure they cut through thick fur with our pulling. Great options are stainless-steel or titanium. They are durable and maintain their sharpness.

Rounded blade tips. Most cat grooming scissors have rounded tips, minimizing the likeliness of an injury when trimming your pet’s fur.

Ergonomic handles. Some pet grooming scissors have ergonomic handles. Get these if you can, it will reduce fatigue during a grooming session.

How do you groom a Persian cat at home?

Persian cats are gorgeous when they are well-groomed. Their long hair can become tangled and matted if they don’t get groomed regularly. If this becomes too bad, they can’t be combed and will need to have a trim to remove the detrimental fur. Though most owners decided to trim their cats because of the heat in the summer, and sometimes they trim their cat to reduce shedding. Cutting your long-haired kitty’s fur when needed is right for them and good for you as well because a well-groomed kitty makes a happy owner. Whatever the reason, trimming your long-haired cat can be a good thing for you and kitty.

You need to be really careful when cutting your Persians fur, it’s very easy to cut too close to the skin and actually cut their skin. Cats skin is very thin and delicate so you need to be careful. Never cut close to the skin with scissors, they should be used just to trim and shape fur. The last thing you want is to cut your cats skin, it would be a horrible and traumatic experience for both you.

Steps in the Grooming Process

Step 1 Brush your cat’s coat out first, removing loose hair, dirt, and debris.You should start your cat’s grooming routine when they are a kitten and will make it easy to have your grooming times go smoothly. They also learn better when they are kittens and will pick up on your routine more quickly. However, if your kitty is older, you can still groom them. It may take some time for your older cat to get used to grooming time but keep at it. If you have an anxious feline, you may have to ask your vet for some sedative or tranquilizer to make grooming a safe endeavor for you both. 

Step 2 Trim your cat’s smaller and more delicate areas first. Cut around the ears, removing the long hairs. Clip a little at a time near the opening to their ears. Long-haired cats tend to have long hair on their back ends. You’ll need to trim around the anus to help keep your Persian clean. If you have a female cat that is pregnant and almost ready to give birth, you should cut around her nipples and vulva if she has a lot of hair there. Doing so keeps infection down and helps newborn kittens find their first meal. A cat with matted hair will have to have the mats removed. It’s nearly impossible to comb out a mat

Step 3  Now, you can move on to your cat’s body and larger areas. You can give your Persian a full body cut or trim, shortening their fur to a chosen length, or trim only a few spots to keep their hair more uniform looking. Be sure to cut any tangles or mats out of your cat’s fur.

Step 4 Be sure to comb or brush your kitty out at the end of the grooming session so that all the loose hair from their hair cut doesn’t stay on your cat. 

Best Pet Scissors for Cats

Our Top Choice: Scaredy Cut Silent Pet Grooming Kit

This kit contains what the company that sells it calls a silent clipper. The scissors fit seven different comb lengths like electric clippers. The difference is there is no vibration or sound to scare your cat.  You can customize the fit of the scissor handles with two sets of gel inserts, soft, thick inserts make the holes snug, thin inserts relax the snugness, and if you have bigger fingers, you can leave the gel rings out.

The kit comes with a carrying case, comb organizer, guidebook, and gel finger inserts. For those that are left-handed, this kit also comes in a left-handed model. That’s an important one for me, as I am a lefty. This kit is perfect for most long-haired cat breeds, including Persians.


  • High-quality stainless steel scissors with tension adjustment
  • Seven combs in a variety of sizes
  • Includes comb organizer and gel finger inserts
  • Gentle on anxious or sensitive kitties
  • 2 Year Refund and Lifetime Replacement Guarantee

Runner Up Choice: Healsell Stainless Steel Grooming Kit

This kit is quite a bit different from our top choice, but still an excellent choice for long-haired kitty parents. The kit contains a 6.5-inch thinning shear, 6.5-inch curved scissors, 5.5 inch, and 4.5 inch straight scissors, a stainless steel comb, cleaning cloth, and storage case. Each pair of scissor blades are coated with 4CR Titanium to help keep a sharp edge and have rounded tips. They have an ergonomic design to fit most hands comfortably.


  • Titanium coated stainless steel blades
  • Round tips for safety
  • Ergonomic handle design

Budget Pick: Magasin Pet Grooming Scissors

Our budget choice will save you quite a bit of money compared to our top pick. This kit contains two pairs of scissors to help you trim your Persian.  The two pairs of scissors are a longer pair with smooth blades and a smaller pair with micro-serrated blades. Use both scissors to groom your pet thoroughly. The surgical steel blades come with rounded at the tips for safety. The cushioned handles with an extra finger rest ensure maximum comfort during grooming sessions.


  • There are two pairs of scissors for a complete grooming experience
  • Surgical steel blades with rounded tips
  • Cushioned handles
  • Recommended by professional groomers

Best Curved Cat Grooming Scissors: LovinPet Pet Grooming Scissors

These curved scissors are safe and easy to use. The sharp 7-inch curved blades are perfect for precision trimming. Their comfortable, cushioned handles have roomy finger rests that prevents slips. These scissors also include a tension adjusting screw. Constructed of high-quality stainless steel with blunted ends for the highest safety.


  • Curved 7 inch stainless steel blades
  • Ergonomic handle design for comfort
  • Adjustable tension screw
  • Blunt ends for safety
  • Good Value


The scissors above are the best products, in our opinion. There are many pet grooming scissors on the market. You may find something you like better, or that works better for you. We tried to give you a few options that might help you on your journey into grooming your Persian cat or other furry pets. If you have a favorite that you use for your pets, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below.

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