Are Persian Cats Friendly?

Many people seem to think that Persian cats are angry cats, I often hear people say “oh you have one of those angry looking cats” when new people see my Persian cat Milo for the first time.

Where does this misconception come from and is it justified?

We’ll have a look and find out in this post.

Are Persian Cats Friendly?

Some are some aren’t, there are many reasons why this may be. Some Persian cats aren’t brought up around many people so they’re not used to people being around them, as a result they may not be very friendly upon meeting a stranger. Other Persian cats may have a more angry nature in general, it’s a bit like us humans some of us are friendly and some of us aren’t very friendly.

The Persian cat isn’t any less friendly than any other breed of cat and personalities vary vastly amongst animals.

My own Persian cat Milo is quite friendly and welcoming to strangers but he’s also quite short-tempered and can snap easily. If you’re stroking him on his belly and he doesn’t like it he may just go to bite you, this is his own way of warning you that he doesn’t like it. He can be a little unpredictable at times and will go from being super friendly and purring to biting your arm in a second or so if he doesn’t like the way you stroke him. He will rarely attack you in a way that will hurt you but he will just give you a quick nip if he doesn’t like it. It’s how he is.

I suppose some people could define him as “angry” at times.

In general, the Persian cat is well-known for being a friendly, laid-back breed of cat. Most Persian cats are very friendly and like being stroked and petted.

Why Do People Think Persian Cats are Angry Cats?

I think a lot of this comes down to the way a Persian cat looks, there’s no doubt about it some Persian cats do look angry, their flat faces and often scowling look can give this impression.

Persian cats have also featured in movies and they tend to be sat on the bad guy’s knee whilst being petted, anyone who’s seen James Bond movies will know that Blofeld’s cat was a Chinchilla Persian cat. People just assume that these cats are “evil” as they’re always associated with the villain in the movie.

They pick the Persian cat as they do have this tendency to look angry so it’s very fitting with the theme of the film and the bad guy character.

Do Persian Cats Make Good Family Pets?

People often wonder if the Persian cat makes a good family pet and the answer is yes and no. I’ll elaborate a little further below.

Before buying a Persian cat there are quite a few things to consider, I wrote a post outlining the 5 things to consider before buying a Persian cat this will help you answer some of the questions you have.

The main reason why Persian cats don’t always make the best family pets is down to their need for daily grooming. There’s no way of dressing up the fact that the Persian is almost always a high maintenance cat. Their coat will get mats and tangles very quickly if it isn’t brushed daily. They need regular bathing to keep their fur in tip-top condition. Then there’s the shedding and fur around your house.

If you have children and other pets and you lead a very hectic lifestyle then the Persian might not be the best breed of cat for you.

I find that a lot of people dress up the fact that Persians are hard work, I prefer to advise my readers correctly giving you an honest overview, even if it isn’t what you want to hear.

This is one of the reasons you see a lot of Persian cats on the classified ad sites because people get them and realise that they’re much harder work than a short-haired breed.

On the other hand, if your kids are older or you have time to dedicate to a Persian cat and you’re aware of the maintenance that is required then they can make absolutely fantastic pets, in fact, some of the best.

Persian cats do have some health-related issues, breathing issues can be quite common so vets bills need to be factored in.

Final Thoughts

To summarise the Persian cat is as friendly as any other breed of cat and not the angry evil cat that they can sometimes look!

Persian cats can be great family pets depending on your personal requirements.

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