Milo is 3 Years old Today- Happy Birthday

Today (3rd June) 2018 is Milo’s 3rd birthday, it doesn’t seem like two minutes ago since I was writing last year’s post! This last year has certainly flown by.

As you can see from the picture Milo is loving his birthday presents, particularly his new teaser toy which is a catnip mouse. We also bought him some of his favourite treats to snack on.

He’s also sporting a summer haircut, we trimmed his fur down quite a bit recently, mainly to remove some mats and tangles.

We always aim to brush him daily and bath him regularly but he does still get a few mats, I think this is mainly when he goes out in the garden.

The last year hasn’t seen much change in the way Milo is, maybe he’s become slightly more affectionate and a little more tolerant towards his brother Teddy.

Physically he’s in good shape and healthy, he hasn’t grown anymore over the last year as he was fully grown already but we monitor their diets to make sure they’re getting the right amount of food and not putting excess weight on. I think this is quite important for an indoor cat.

There was a concern about 4 weeks ago when Milo was sick and seemed unsteady on his legs so I rushed him to the vets and the vet wasn’t concerned and said it could have been a result of him going to the cattery and picking up a bug. He’s been absolutely fine ever since and we switched up his diet for a week or so and just fed him fresh meat and fish.

I must admit I was worried at the time as I’ve never seen Milo sick before and he was walking like Bambi on ice for a few minutes afterwards.

Milo continues to love going out in the garden on a warm summers day and he enjoys gazing outside at birds, people and the occasional outdoor cat he sees.

Overall he’s a delight to own and he’s always waiting at the door for us when we’ve been out. He was the reason I started this blog and will continue to be the inspiration for new posts and any useful tips or information I have which I will always share with my readers.

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