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5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Persian Cat

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So you’ve decided that you want one of these glorious, beautiful cats but there are quite a few things to consider before buying a Persian cat. In this post, I will share with you, my thoughts about owning a Persian cat based on my experience of owning one for nearly 2 years.

Persian cats are unique in both their personality and looks and this is one of the reasons this breed of cat may not be for everyone.

1.) Grooming​

Grooming your Persian cat is a lifelong commitment, this is one of the most difficult parts of owning a Persian cat. Their fur is very long and knots and tangles easily, not to mention that their fur is prone to matting.​

You will need to comb your Persian cat’s fur ideally once per day, at a bare minimum 3 times per week. If you can’t commit to this then I would say you’re going to struggle to keep your Persian cat’s fur in good enough condition, the result of this would be heavily matted fur that will most likely need to be shaved off.

Another thing to consider before buying a Persian cat is the cost of the grooming tools you will need. I recently did a post here Best Brush for Long-Haired Cats in this post I review the best brushes and combs for Persian cats and what I’ve found useful from grooming my Persian cat (Milo).

I must admit when I bought Milo I did research on Persian cat’s and was aware that they would require regular grooming but I wasn’t aware just how much grooming they require. Some people will invariably shave the Persian cat’s fur short as this will generally reduce maintainance vastly, however, I don’t see the point in this after all the Persian cat’s luscious coat is part of the beauty of this breed. If you want a short haired cat with similar looks to the Persian cat then the Exotic Shorthair may be a better option for you.

2.) Shedding

Persian cats shed fur massively there’s no denying it, it can be reduced with the FURminator DeShedding Tool but you need to get used to the fact that you will find cat hair everywhere. Lint rollers become your new best friends, I even have one in my car!

You will need to clean your house more often as a result of the cat hair and removing it from furniture and clothes can be challenging at times.

This is a small price to pay for owning such a wonderful breed of cat but for people who work long hours and have limited time, it’s definitely something worth considering before buying a Persian cat. As with grooming this was one area that surprised me, just how much hair comes from these cat’s as well as it’s ability to find itself into every small corner of your house.

If you have cat allergies then the Persian may not be the best cat for you, however getting a good air purifier will certainly help the situation.

3.) Persians are Indoor Cats

Persian cats are best kept as indoor cats, they’re not the most street-wise cat in general and they prefer a quieter life lounging around your house rather out and about hunting. The Persian has quite short legs and a soft stomach and long fur, which isn’t a great combination for an outdoor cat.

I’ve seen Persian cats that are outdoor cats and their fur is generally not in the best condition. Persian cat’s flat face makes them prone to nasal problems which wouldn’t bode well with the dust and dirty they breathe in being outdoors.

That’s not to say the Persian isn’t a great hunter as they can be but I believe as many do that they’re best suited to an indoor life. You can, of course, let them out in your garden under supervision, I often do this with Milo and he loves it! His fur does tend to pick grass and twigs up with it being so long, so I can’t imagine how bad this would be if he was and outdoor cat.

In short, keep them as indoor cats!

Things to consider before buying a persian cat

4.) Temperament

Persian cats have quite a unique temperament in general, I would say they’re on the quieter side but in my experience not as quiet as many people suggest. Although Milo does prefer to be curled up on the sofa or in a cardboard box, he can often be seen running up and down the house and wanting to interact.

Persians aren’t the most vocal breed of cat which is a good thing in my opinion! Milo does meow sometimes, usually when he wants a treat or when he wants to go in the garden. I would say a Persian would be better suited to a kid free and dog free home in general as they prefer a laidback life. Of course, these aren’t set in stone and cats are creatures of their environment to some extent.

If you live in a very loud environment and have multiple kids, dogs, then a Persian cat may not be the ideal breed of cat for you, however if you want a cat that is playful, but relaxed and likes nothing more than laying on you or your bed then the Persian is a great breed of cat to buy.

5.) Potential Health Issues

Persian cats can be susceptible to health issues due to their flat-face which causes eye drainage issues and they also suffer from nasal problems, you can find more information on the breed here Persian Cat Information. It’s worth noting this only tends to apply to the “ultra flat-faced” Persians and not the traditional doll-faced Persians.

My Persian cat Milo does suffer from eye drainage issues and he needs his eyes wiping daily to avoid tears staining his fur.

Persian cats can suffer from Polycystic kidney disease (PKD), most breeders should be testing the parents for this and in theory, it should be bred out.

When you buy your first Persian cat you need to be aware of these potential issues and the fact you may have vet bills to consider down the line. Most Persians do tend to lead an healthy life if cared for correctly of course.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately the decision is yours but if you can answer a “yes” to the above points then the Persian cat will make a great companion for you. Something that is also worth mentioning is the fact that Persian cats are quite expensive and I would advise that you purchase from a reputable Persian cat breeder to avoid any potential genetic issues that may arise from poor breeding.

Good luck and I hope this post covered the things to consider before buying a Persian cat if you have any more questions feel free to comment below.

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