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Do Persian Cats Like to Climb?

In short, the answer to this question is no. However, the more complicated answer is, in some cases, is yes. Persians have heavy boned, short legs to support their stocky bodies.  With this body type, they aren’t in a hurry to climb or jump for the most part. Most Persian prefer the floor or a short hop onto their favorite sleeping place. You may have to encourage your Persian to play so that they get their exercise.

There are exceptions to the rule, however. Your Persian might surprise you and want to jump and climb. My own Persian, Milo, is one such exception. His British Shorthair brother is the one who prefers to stay on the floor. Milo likes to climb.

For the most part, Persians aren’t big climbers when compared to the sleeker, longer cat breeds such as Siamese or even the bigger breeds like Maine Coons.

Why Do Cats Climb?

If you’ve watched a nature documentary on big cats like leopards or jaguars, I’m sure you noticed them observing their surroundings from the branch of a tree. How did they get into the tree? Well, of course, they climbed. What doe this have to do with your Persian? Well, imagine your cat in place of those big cats.

If you’ve owned a cat or been around a cat, you know they like to climb. Cats climb to observe their surroundings. During a hunt, they may jump into a tree to try to find prey that may have hidden from them. They may also climb a tree to find prey, such as birds. Cats will also race up a tree trunk or pole just for the fun of it.

If you’re a cat owner, you may have even observed your cat jump to the top of the fridge. They have strong legs and backs to aid them in these fantastic climbs. They also have extendable claws that they use to attach to anything.

Why do cats do this? It is inside the nature of the cat. They are hunters and have strong backs and legs that help them jump to incredible heights.

How Does Your Persian Fit?

Your Persian is a cat after all, and even though they aren’t known for climbing and jumping, they do those things. Some Persians never want to climb or jump, but others are exceptions to the rule. Some like to climb and jump, whether it’s onto a footstool or the top of the fridge.

Why Are Persian Cats The Way They Are?

Persian cats were originally from Persia, now Iran. They’re known for their gentle, sweet demeanors and their cute appearance. Who could resist that flat little face or that luscious, thick, silky fur? Their behavior makes them perfect for nearly every household. They quickly adapt once they are used to their surroundings. However, they seem to prefer quieter homes. They are naturally sweet, calm kitties that prefer to sleep among family members rather than join in the play.

The Persian Cat Enjoys Playing

Some Persians, when they decide it’s time to play, will climb or jump onto furniture, climb the walls, or their cat condos. Persians aren’t delicate and can hold their own with any other cat in the household, but when it comes time to settle for some sleep, they are champions.


Now you know that it’s common for Persians to want to remain lower to the floor. However, you have also found out that some Persians wish to climb, run, and jump just like other cats.

Do you have a Persian who loves to climb? Do you have a Persian who refuses to leave the floor, except for the couch for a nap? Tell us in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.

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