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How Much Does a Persian Cat Cost?

Black Persian Cat

So you’ve decided to buy one of the most glorious, beautiful cats around, but what is the cost of a Persian cat?

The Persian cat is one of the most well-known cat breeds, instantly recognizable by their flat faces and long, luxurious coats. As a result, the Persian cat is hugely popular around the world. Originally from Iran, these fluffy flat-faced cats have made their way into many a domestic household.

How much does a Persian Cat cost? If you are looking to buy a Persian cat you should, on average, expect to pay anywhere from $800 for a pet quality kitten to $4,250 USD for a show quality Persian kitten, with an average price of around $1800. There are many factors that affect the price of Persian cats, which we will discuss later on in this post.

Why Are Persian Cats So Expensive?

Persian cats are expensive because they are among the most popular breeds worldwide. These cats are a status symbol. They were once only available to royalty or the very rich. Some Persian cat colors are hard to get, even with careful breeding. However, some Persian coat colors are more in demand, making the color of Persian cats worth more to those selling them.

Are Some Persian Cat Colors and Patterns More Expensive Than Others?

Yes, some Persian cat colors and patterns are more expensive. Solid colors rate high on the price scale, and some of the harder-to-come-by colors, such as the shaded golden, chinchilla golden, or the shaded silver and chinchilla silver. These colors are finicky when it comes to breeding them. They seem to have a mind of their own.

5 Factors That Determine The Cost of a Persian Cat

lilac calico persian cat sitting

When buying a Persian cat, several factors determine how much you should pay.


If the Persian cat you’re buying is a full pedigree with certificates proving this, you will generally pay more. When purchasing your new Persian kitten, you will want a full-breed Persian. I would always ask to see the kitten’s parents to verify that the Persian is pure and not a mix.

If you’re buying an ultra-flat-faced Persian, then, in general, it’s tough to mix the breed without you knowing. If one of the parents is a typical cat with a pointed nose, then the kitten won’t have a flat face.

Show cats or cats with champion blood in their family will typically come at a premium.

Doll-face and ultra-flat-faced Persians tend to differ slightly in price, the latter being more expensive.


Specific colors tend to be more expensive than others. For example, white tends to be a premium over darker colors, as does blue eye color. This, obviously, isn’t a given, and there may be some variance depending on the time of year, etc.


This, in our opinion, will be the main reason you pay more or less for your Persian cat. Persian cats are pretty expensive in the UK. I know this is the same for most of the USA and Canada. However, in places within Eastern Europe, the price of Persian cats is substantially less than in the west.

For this article, we were curious about the price difference for a Persian cat between other countries. Our team lives in the US and the UK, so we have those two countries to look at. Of course, each of us knows the prices in our own countries. But what about other countries where the Persian cat is popular? In this section, we’ll look at and correlate our unique data to show the differences in price for these beautiful cats.

We tried to choose countries where the Persian cat has some popularity. In some countries, searching for prices for Persian cats was hard. We’ve done our best to find prices for a few different areas of the globe and compare the amounts in each country’s currency with USD and GBP. You can purchase several categories of cats or kittens: pet quality, show quality, and breeding quality. These categories depend on what you want your Persian cat for. The price for your Persian cat depends on if you want a companion, attend shows, or have big plans of owning your own cattery.

Persian Cat Price By Country


Pet quality – Persians can start at $950 and go up to $1800 in AUD. That translates to $600 to $1200 in USD and £500 to £1000 in GBP.

Show quality – These Persian cats cost $1800 to $2500 in AUD. They are $1200 to $1700 in USD and £1000 to £1400 in GBP.

Breeding quality – These Persian cats cost $3000 in AUD. They are $2000 in USD and £1600 in GBP.


Pet quality – These Persian cats cost $1200 to $2500 in CAD. They are $800 to $1800 in USD and £700 to £1500 in GBP.

Show quality – These Persian cats cost $2200 to $3000 CAD. They are $1600 to $2200 in USD and £1300 to £1800 in GBP.

Breeding quality – These Persian cats cost $4500 in CAD. They are $3300 in USD and £2700 in GBP.


Pet quality – These Persian cats cost ¥5000 in Chinese YUAN. They are $700 in USD and £600 in GBP.

Show quality – These Persian cats cost ¥17,5000 in Chinese YUAN. They are $2500 in USD and £2000 in GBP.

Breeding quality – These Persian cats cost ¥30,000 in Chinese YUAN. They are $4400 in USD and £3500 in GBP.


Pet quality – These Persian cats cost €800 in Euros. They are $850 in USD and £700 in GBP.

Show quality – These Persian cats cost €1000. They are $1100 in USD and £900 in GBP.

Breeding quality – These Persian cats cost €1500 in Euros. They are $1600 in USD and £1300 in GBP.


Pet quality – These Persian cats cost ₽15,000 in Russian rubles. They are $200 in USD and £160 in GBP.

Show quality – These Persian cats cost ₽30,000 in Russian rubles. They are $400 in USD and £300 in GBP.

Breeding quality – These Persian cats cost ₽45,160 in Russian rubles. They are $600 in USD and £480 in GBP.

United Kingdom

Pet quality – These Persian cats cost £650 to £1500 in GBP. They are $800 to $1800 in USD.

Show quality – These Persian cats cost £650 to £1500 in GBP. They are $800 to $1800 in USD.

Breeding quality – These Persian cats cost £900 to £1500 in GBP. They are $1100 to $1800 in USD.

United States of America

Pet quality – These Persian cats cost $800 to $3250 in USD. They are £650 to £2700 in GBP.

Show quality – These Persian cats cost $1500 to $4250 in USD. They are £1200 to £3500 in GBP.

Breeding quality – These Persian cats cost $2500 to $3500 in USD. They are £2000 to £2900 in GBP.

(Research conducted in March 2023 by contacting several breeders and consulting pets for sales sites)

Breeder Profile

Suppose you’re buying from a registered breeder recognized by the Cat Fancy association or other nationally recognized bodies. In that case, you will usually pay a premium as a result.

It all depends on your budget. But buying from a registered breeder with a long history of breeding healthy litters of kittens is always a good place to start, especially as a first-time buyer. Unfortunately, Persian cats suffer from hereditary issues. These issues include Polycystic kidney disease (PKD), breathing difficulties, excessive tearing, and progressive retinal atrophy (PRA). Most of these can be bred out, but remembering that most Persian cats will have some eye-related issues.


White Persian Kitten

Kittens are usually much more expensive than older Persian cats. However, most people prefer getting a kitten as they can watch it grow and develop. And, of course, kittens are adorable!

Older cats shouldn’t be discarded, though, as they can be brilliant companions and are usually cheaper. In addition, they’re often fully litter and house-trained. I am a massive fan of re-homing rescue cats and giving homeless cats a new home.

The other main benefit of buying a Persian cat that’s not a kitten is getting a good deal. Suppose someone, for instance, has multiple cats, and one cat isn’t getting on with the other. In that case, they may need to sell the cat quite quickly and will often price it very cheaply as they aren’t bothered about making money.

I’ve seen Persian cats very cheap on classified ad sites before, sometimes for as little as £200 for a 3 or 4-year-old cat. However, a well-looked-after Persian cat kept inside can live 15-20 years, so they have plenty to offer even at 10 years old!

Can You Adopt a Persian Cat From a Rescue Center At a Lower Cost?

It stands to reason that a Persian cat from a rescue center will cost less than one you would purchase from a breeder. Adoption fees usually cover the cost of the cat’s care and possibly a spay or neuter and will vary depending on the situation.

Other Expenses

Other expenses come along with owning a Persian cat. Some items you need should be purchased before you get your cat home. In addition, the breeder may do other things to ensure your kitten comes home healthy and happy. Another thing that you need to be aware of is ongoing caring for your kitten or cat.

Items you’ll need before your Persian kitten comes home are those that you’ll need for their immediate care.

Cat Box – Cat boxes cost anywhere from $15 USD for a regular plastic pan up to $700 USD for the fancy robotic type. Your kitten’s first cat box should be a shallow, plastic pan so that they can climb in and out easily.

Cat Litter – Cat litter can cost as little as $5 USD per bag up to $25 USD for a subscription service. You should do your research on the different types and brands of litter. This way, you can decide what is best for your fluffy kitty.

Bed – Cat beds can be anything from a folded blanket or towel in a box to a fancy one from the store. Cat beds cost anywhere from $15 USD up to $165 USD for a fancy bed. Of course, you don’t have to pay anything if you make your own or let your kitty cuddle in the bed with you.

Toys – This also depends on the extravagance you want. Most cats are happy with a bag or boxes without fancy toys. However, as pet parents, we want to give them something better than just a cardboard box. Store Toys can cost anywhere from around $5 USD to $45 USD.

Dishes – A tilted, shallow-style bowl for a Persian cat or kitten is the best because of their flat faces. An example of these dishes can be found here. These dishes can cost $12 USD up to $40 USD.

Food – This can take some research on your part. Most breeders will send home a care package with food in it. Their recommendation may be the best for your kitten. Still, you may have a different opinion if your kitten gets the nutrition they need. You can change the brand of food you feed. However, this should be done slowly to not upset your kitten’s tummy. You do this by mixing their original food with the new until they are entirely on their new food. The cost of food varies, depending on whether it’s wet or dry or what brand it is. The average for one cat would be $30 USD to $40 USD per month. You can read our comprehensive Persian cat food guide here.

That covers the expenses to care for your Persian cat when you first get home. Now, we’ll look at the costs that aren’t day-to-day but should still be in your plans.

Vet exam – Since most breeders won’t let a kitten go to their new home until they are twelve weeks old, they will do the first, maybe the second, vet exam. After that, it’s up to you. Vet exams can cost $50 to $100 USD

Spay or Neuter – Spay or Neuters can cost $45 USD if you have a low-cost spay and neuter place to take your cat to. If not, it can range from $150 USD to $500 because many US vets have many fees they make mandatory before they operate on your cat.

FVRCP Vaccination (panleukopenia) – This is a series of shots, which means your cat must have three shots to complete the series. The first shot will be given when the kitten is six to eight weeks old, the second when they are ten to twelve weeks old, and the third at fourteen to sixteen weeks old. So, you may only have to get one shot in the series. Be sure your breeder gives you their vaccination record. The vaccine can cost $40 to $80 in the first year, and after that, $20 to $50 for any boosters.

Rabies Vaccination – The rabies vaccination will likely fall under your responsibility. Your kitten should receive their first rabies shot at fourteen to sixteen weeks. This will cost you $15 to $25 USD. After this, it is an annual shot.

Feline Leukemia (FeLV) or FIV Test – If you have a reputable breeder, your kitten should have already had the test to ensure they are clean of feline leukemia. If so, they should have their first FeLV shot at six to eight weeks, a second at ten to twelve weeks, and a third at fourteen to sixteen weeks. After that, it’s usually an annual shot.

Flea/Tick Treatment – Flea and Tick treatment usually can’t be done until your kitten is twelve weeks old. So, it may land on you to be sure they get this. However, if you live where fleas and ticks aren’t a worry, you may not have to do this for your cat. These treatments can cost $50 to $200 USD.

Deworming – Deworming should be done by the breeder the first couple of times, starting at four to six weeks old. Then they should have another treatment at eight weeks and twelve weeks. After that, they should have this done every month until they are six months old. Once they are six months old, you may want to keep them on a schedule of one to three months. These treatments will cost $20 to $50 USD.


Your decision will be based on your budget. Unfortunately, paying more doesn’t always mean getting a high-quality pedigree. You should do your research on the breeders you’ve selected. Make sure they can prove your kitten or cat’s pedigree with papers.  

It also depends on what you intend to do with the cat. For example, suppose you have ideas about breeding. In that case, you may want to get a cat whose parents are either show winners or pedigree cats recognized by the governing bodies. This will ensure quality to some extent and good resale values for the kittens.

You should always negotiate with anyone when buying a kitten or cat, as you can often get a reduced rate. But be respectful when doing this, as some people can get insulted.

It’s hard to say precisely how much you should pay, as many factors are listed in this post. Still, as a general rule, in most currencies, I would say mid-three figures is an excellent place to be for a 12-week-old kitten.

4 thoughts on “How Much Does a Persian Cat Cost?”

  1. Some years ago I wanted a cat as a pet. While looking, I went to a pet store that hosted rescue operations. The I found a four year old “Persian” that was perfect for me. The up front cost was $80. She was spayed and micro-chipped. She had also been declawed, which I do not think is a good thing to do to a cat. I kept her inside for the first few years, but in her later life, she loved being outside. She had to be watched, because she would explore and wander off. She lived for 22 years.

    This is not, of course, the way a breeder or show cat can be acquired. However, if you are looking for pet as a companion, this is how you can have a beautiful Persian without a major investiment.

  2. Who is a legit Persian breeder that sells Persian kittens that are not to used for breeding just to be a house cat that gets along with every fellow cats and one dog?

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