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Litter Robot III Open Air Review

Are you curious about automatic litter boxes? All cat owners have been there. While scooping your cat’s smelly litter box (for the 4th time this week!) you think, “there has to be a better way!” Well, there just might be. I recently tested the Litter Robot III Open Air with my two cats. For the […]

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Best Cat Toilet Training Kits

As any cat owner will know cleaning out the litter box is not a pleasant task but it’s something that all cat owners need to do. Unless of course, you have a self-cleaning litter box which is a great invention and does save you a lot of time and effort. Even with an automatic litter box […]

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Good Pet Stuff Plant Litter Box Review

There are many weird and wonderful litter boxes on the market, I’ve reviewed quite a few of them here at Persian Cat Corner. One product that stood out from the rest was the Good Pet Stuff Plant Litter Box which is essentially a hidden litter box with a plant on top. As you’ll be aware litter […]

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Best High Sided Litter Box

Once you enter cat ownership you suddenly realise that there are lots of useful products that can help you and your cat. Litter boxes one of the most talked about topics and for good reason too. Litter boxes come in many different shapes and sizes and variants. I recently did a post on the best […]

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EcoFLEX Litter Loo Review

As any cat owner will know the logistics of your cat litter box in your house or apartment can be a problem.  You face the age-old dilemma of where to keep your litter box in your home. Litter boxes by design aren’t the most aesthetic item you can have in your house.  This is where the EcoFlex […]

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Litter Locker VS Litter Genie

​Litter Locker VS Litter Genie​If you’ve been looking online for litter disposal systems you will have come across both the Litter Locker and the Litter Genie and probably asked yourself what’s the difference and which is the best? I recently did an in depth review on both the Litter Locker and the Litter Genie you can […]

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Litter Genie Review

​Cleaning your cat’s litter box sucks right?  Yep, we’ve all been there when you’re cleaning your furry friend’s litter box and bagging up the waste and thinking to yourself “there must be a better way than this”, well there is and this is where the Litter Genie comes in. I’m going to look at the pros […]

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Litter Locker Review

​Cat ownership is a wonderful thing but there’s one thing that most of us cat owners don’t enjoy which is cleaning out a litter box. It’s not just the actual cleaning of the litter box which can be a dreaded task but it’s the disposal of the waste that can be an annoying task. That’s […]

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PetSafe ScoopFree Self Cleaning Litter Box Review

Let’s face it cleaning out your cat’s litter box is a labourious task that most people don’t enjoy doing. It’s one of the downsides of cat ownership especially if your cat is an indoor cat (as mine both are).  However, there are many self cleaning litter boxes on the market that specialise in taking care of […]

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