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Good Pet Stuff Plant Litter Box Review

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Plant Litter Box Review

There are many weird and wonderful litter boxes on the market, I’ve reviewed quite a few of them here at Persian Cat Corner. One product that stood out from the rest was the Good Pet Stuff Plant Litter Box which is essentially a hidden litter box with a plant on top.

As you’ll be aware litter boxes can be unsightly objects and there’s nothing particularly attractive about a pet toilet in your living room.

This is where the hidden litter box comes in.

What Is a Plant Litter Box?

I wondered exactly this when someone asked me what I thought of a “plant litter box” I wondered if the cat did its business in the soil or something which is something I couldn’t see catching on to be fair!

It’s actually something much simpler than that, it’s essentially a hidden litter box with an artificial plant on top.

Is The Good Pet Stuff Plant Litter Box Any Good?

I personally think it’s quite a unique idea, there are many hidden litter boxes on the market, I recently reviewed the Ecoflex litter loo which is a very good hidden litter box. However, I’ve never seen a litter box that incorporates a plant into it.

The main benefit with this type of litter box is the fact you can have it in your living room and it doesn’t look unsightly or out of place as most litter boxes would.

Most of the time litter boxes are kept in bathrooms, utility rooms or somewhere other than your main living room. Let’s face it your guests don’t want to sit and watch your cat in their litter box hence why they’re kept out of the way.

Looking at most of the reviews online a lot of people review this product highly stating that the litter box is large to fit all breeds of cats and it apparently contains the smell quite well.

Some people did say that the plant wasn’t the best quality and did look quite cheap up close. You could replace the plant with another artificial planet I suppose but not really something you want to be doing when you’ve bought something new.

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The main advantages are the fact you can have your litter box in the room of your choice as the plant litter box looks fairly nice.

If you live in a small flat or apartment this would be ideal as some litter boxes (especially the automatic versions) can be large and bulky.

Its large size means this can accommodate multiple cats so this could be the only litter box you need in your home.

The plant litter box is said to be very easy to clean as you can detach the top to clean it out.


There are some disadvantages with this litter box, quite a few people commented on the build quality saying that it was often difficult to put the top part on and parts of the plastic didn’t align sometimes.

I’m not sure if this was a bad batch that has been resolved or if this is actually a design flaw.

As mentioned above people have commented on the quality of the plant stating that it isn’t the best and doesn’t stand up after a while.

Final Thoughts

Overall I think this is a decent product that serves its purpose in most respects. It does have good reviews online with the odd negative review relating to the build quality.

I think the question for me would be how effective is this at odour control because if I’m putting a litter box in my living room then the odour control needs to be very good. Some people stated that it was good for odour control and masked smells really well.

Would I personally buy one? Possibly but only if space was an issue as I just don’t like the whole idea of having a litter box in a living room or dining room etc. You could, of course, keep this in a hallway or anywhere in fact but I think the design is for this to fit in with your furniture in a living room.

I think with most litter boxes you need to manage your expectations as some have questionable build quality and longevity. Thus aside I do think this is a decent product that’s certainly unique and worth considering.

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