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Where to Find Persian Kittens for Sale

Persian Kitten

You’ve spent ages planning carefully for this moment. Coached other furry residents to be on their best behaviour. Rid your home and garden of your beloved aloe vera, tulips and sago palms, and replaced them with more feline-friendly flora such as sunflowers, Christmas cactus, and hibiscus.

And now the moment of truth has arrived: deciding where to get your very newest pet – a Persian kitten.

But just how do you get started, and what options do you have for ethically obtaining a delightful furball belonging to the prettiest breed on the planet?

The fact is that a plethora of options abound. However, in this post, I will be focusing on two of the most popular for pet owners who happen to be particularly conscientious about supporting ethical businesses and organisations involved in raising and protecting cats and which also make their wellbeing a priority: breeders and rescue shelters.

Below, you will find key tips and pointers on purchasing your very own jewel-eyed little Persian friend from them.

Cat Breeders

This is a particularly excellent option if you prefer to be certain about the kitten’s temperament and also happen to have your heart set on a certain colour and gender as well.

Vets, the local grapevine, professional websites such as the CFA and cat societies all constitute excellent sources for finding breeders.

Key steps involved in dealing with a breeder generally include:

  • The selection process

The main factors involved in the selection process should include customer reviews, their experience breeding Persians and the number of litters they handle within a given period. PetGuide also recommends ensuring that the lucky few who make it through should also be registered to increase the odds of receiving a happy, well-adjusted baby feline, in your favor.

  • Visiting the premises

Next, you’ll need to schedule an appointment with your breeders of choice to take a look at the conditions your potential furry charge has been raised in. The feline residents in any breeding establishment you visit should be well-fed, well-groomed and comfortable with animals and people. Their surroundings should also be pristine and in excellent condition. Any departure from these criteria should be taken pretty seriously as breeders who keep pets in unhygienic conditions while also starving and neglecting them are best avoided.

  • Asking pertinent questions

Your appointment with a breeder is an excellent opportunity for you to pick their brains on the Persian kittens in their care and particularly the one you’re most interested in.

It is a good idea to ask about the diet and veterinary care provided to the furry residents (as well as taking a peek at relevant medical records if possible).

The willingness of any breeder to hand you a kitten which is under 10 weeks is a huge red flag. Typically this process must take place when the baby Persian is between 12 – 14 weeks. This is because the period between the kitten’s birth and this age is crucial for the kitten to not only learn key lifeskills from its mother but to also learn to bond with humans.

There’s also the issue of price and it’s worth noting that Persians tend to be costly especially if you happen to be purchasing kittens. More detailed information may be obtained in this post.

  • Concluding the process

Once you feel satisfied with your observations, you’ll need to conclude the entire process as quickly as possible — because someone else might feel your little Persian tugging at their heartstrings too. All you have to do is iron out any remaining issues and step out into the sunshine with your furry friend in tow.

Rescue Shelters

This next option happens to be extremely popular and the proof lies in the number of felines which find new homes each year.

For example, Cats Protection, the UK’s largest charity dedicated to the care and wellbeing of felines, housed 41,000 cats in 2018 while the RSPCA — the UK’s largest and oldest animal welfare charity — houses 30,000 cats each year and provides great support if you have your heart set on providing a cat with a loving home.

In the USA the ASPCA is a great place to find local shelters where you can find cats that are in need of a new home.

Adopting a cat from a reputable shelter also comes with a wide range of benefits. For example, Cats Protection guarantees that any cat you take home with you is bound to be healthy, well-adjusted and particularly suited to a domestic lifestyle.

They also guarantee that each pet comes with a thorough health check in addition to being vaccinated against enteritis — the single greatest threat to cat shelters. What’s more, cats provided by the shelter are also wormed, neutered where necessary and even come with four weeks of Pet Plan insurance.

Best of all, choosing a reputable shelter has never been easier as most such charities have websites and also provide great support on your journey to making a new furry friend and welcoming them into your home.

And while detailed procedures will vary depending on the organisation, key steps are likely to include:

  • Selecting your favourite Persian

The largest shelters provide a database of felines in their care with detailed information included on each individual and its current adoption status, i.e whether it’s available for adoption or not.

  • Scheduling a visit

This is an excellent opportunity for you to get to see the residents of the shelter in their element and judge for yourself if they’re well treated. Overcrowded shelters are prone to diseases and stressed cats which will cause issues later on owing to health and behavioral problems. You will also be able to pick the brains of the staff and get to meet your favorite Persian kitten in person for an initial bonding session.

  • Home visits

Certain shelters happen to be pretty conscientious about the homes to which they will be releasing their furry charges. Hence if all goes as planned during the second stage of the selection and adoption process they will arrange home visits to provide you with great support to enable your new pet to feel welcome and comfy and to adapt to its new surroundings with ease.

  • Welcoming your Persian home

The final exhilarating step of your journey to adopting your Persian kitten from your pet shelter of choice involves completing the required paperwork and paying the adoption fee. You will also be given the relevant documentation such as vaccination and sterilization records.

And nothing beats the feeling of bringing your new friend home and watching it receive a warm welcome from other furry residents who are just as eager to make it feel part of the family.

Breeders and rescue shelters happen to be the most popular options for fans of the world’s most regal and laid back feline who wish to welcome one into their homes. These processes are especially straightforward when reputable establishments are involved and are considered to be generally safer as well.

Other alternatives also include purchasing them from a friend or family member whose cat has just welcomed a litter of miniature Persians. Occasionally an individual may find themselves in similar circumstances and place classified ads on websites such as Gumtree, the Yellow Pages or Craigslist.

However, in each instance, it’s necessary to verify that the Persian kitten has been well cared for, has enjoyed excellent medical care and comes with the relevant paperwork as well.

Doing so ensures that you not only get to form one of the most fulfilling friendships you can enjoy with a furry friend but also support the kind, ethical treatment of animals.

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