Meowfia Premium Cat Cave Review

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Meowfia Cat Cave

Our cats love nothing more than finding a safe haven to sleep and hide away. You may have noticed that your cat will try sleep in a covered area such as a cardboard box or they may even hide under furniture.

It’s no secret that cats like to hide out in a place that feels “safe” to them. This is where the cat cave comes in by providing your cat with a warm safe place to hide out in.

The Meowfia Premium Cat Cave was a product that caught my eye due to its Eco-friendly credentials. As I’ve mentioned in a previous posts I do like a products that are genuinely Eco-friendly.

So what’s so good about the Meowfia Premium Cat Cave? We’ll have a look below.

​Meowfia Premium Cat Cave Review

The Meowfia premium cat cave is handmade from 100% merino wool from New Zealand which is known to be one of the highest quality wools you can get. Merino wool is not only soft and warm but it is also durable which is a very important factor when buying any product for your cat. As we all know cats do like to scratch things.

Merino wool is also breathable and machine washable, which is handy for any item your furry friend sleeps in.

There are a lot of cat caves on the market and most don’t seem to stand the test of time in my experience. Some are often difficult to wash and if you do wash them it generally weakens the whole structure and it doesn’t last long soon after.

So the fact that the Meowfia cat cave is made from merino wool which is said to repel dirt but it also durable enough to withstand machine washing is a major bonus in my opinion.

I also like the fact that these are handmade as more care is often put into something that is handmade rather than mass produced.

It’s also big enough to fit larger breed cats like Persians and Maine Coons. This cat cave is easy to move around and can double up as a padded mat if needed.

The felt merino wool is also good in summer time as well as winter. This cat cave will keep your cat warm in winter and cool in summer. Perfect right?

The Meowfia premium cat cave is available in 4 different colours, light grey, dark grey, slate grey and asphalt/aquamarine.


Obviously with this being a handmade product dimensions may vary slightly:

19 inches (48 cm) diameter 12 inches (30 cm) height 8 inches (20 cm) entrance

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Before buying or reviewing any product I always look at the reviews online and most people rate this product very highly complimenting it on the quality of the wool and also stating that it was slightly bigger than they was expecting. In most peoples eyes this was a benefit especially if you have a larger breed of cat.

The negative reviews were few and far between which was also a good sign but the few negative reviews that I could find were stating that the Meowfia cat cave didn’t stand up easily and due to the way it’s designed collapsed in the middle thus stopping their cat from entering the cave. This was an isolated incident looking at the other reviews. Whether or not this was a build quality issue in this particular cave with the product being hand-built as you do sometimes get slight variations with any hand-built product.

Personally this wouldn’t concern me as 99% of the reviews I saw rated this product very highly.

Some people did note that their cat wouldn’t enter the cat but that isn’t an issue with this product as such it’s just the nature of some cats that they actually don’t like to be in an enclosed area. However, most cats LOVE to be in a warm enclosed area.

Final Thoughts

As always I like to give clear honest reviews if I think a product is poor quality I won’t review it and if I think it isn’t worth the money I’ll point this out.

I think this is genuinely a good quality product that’s both Eco-friendly and handmade.

I do feel though that it is slightly overpriced for what it is but I do understand the pricing structure of any handmade product and the fact that they’re usually more expensive than mass produced items.

Overall a good solid product that your cat should love.

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