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Do Persian Cats Shed?

Persian cat shed

The Persian cat is instantly recognizable with its long luxurious coat and short flat nose. They’re a glamorous cat and it’s no coincidence that they’re one of the most popular breeds of cat. 

As with any long-haired cat, they do require a fair bit of maintenance to keep their coats in the best condition. 

If you’re looking for a Persian cat you’ve probably wondered if Persian cats shed a lot.

Well, I’m the proud owner of a Persian cat and I can confess that they do shed quite a bit but not as much as you probably think.

If you’ve followed this blog for any amount of time then you will know that I have two cat’s, a British Shorthair and a Persian cat and although my Persian cat sheds more hair than the British Shorthair it isn’t massively more.

Seasonal Shedding

Typically, most cats shed their coat multiple times per year, Persian cats are no different. Milo my Persian cat tends to shed his coat once just before the winter and just before the summer at these periods you will notice more hair around the house and more hair when brushing him. 

Although there is a steady shed of hair most of the year you do notice this more around these periods.

Controlling Shedding

There are lots of ways to control shedding and a great tool I use is the FURminator. This tool has been a real help in reducing the amount of hair that comes from Milo.

If you brush your cat daily and bathe your Persian cat then this will massively reduce the amount of hair your Persian cat sheds. Be sure to use a pet dryer after bathing your cat, this leaves their fur in a nice fluffy condition.

By brushing your cat you’re removing the loose hair that would have fallen out anyway. This preventative measure is a great way to make life that little easier for you and your furry friend.

Haircuts for Persian cats

You’ve probably seen all the different cat haircuts and people often shave their Persian cat with whats called the “Lion Cut” where the body is fully shaved and the head, legs and tail are left fluffy. I’ve Personally never shaved Milo with a lion cut but I do tend to trim his fur slightly in the summer months. It’s better for him and helps reduce hairballs.

I think grooming and trimming your Persian cat’s hair is a good thing and a great way to avoid undesirable mats and tangles which Persian cats are prone to getting. 

I’m not a huge fan of the lion cut, I think if you want a cat with short hair then the Persian isn’t the best cat for you. You’re better with an Exotic Shorthair which looks like a Persian with a flat face but has short hair. I do understand why some people opt for a lion cut, especially in warmer climates but I just prefer a Persian to be a fluffball but that’s just me!

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking at buying a Persian cat and wondering if it will shed a lot then the short answer is it will if you don’t brush it and look after it’s coat. If you brush your cat daily and use a FURminator then the shedding becomes manageable. 

The Persian cat has a top coat and an undercoat, when you use these tools it removes loose hair from the undercoat and this will vastly stop the shedding. You will still need to be the proud owner of lint rollers though! 

Don’t let the grooming element put you off this wonderful breed of cat, once you get into a daily routine you will find they aren’t massively more work than a short haired cat. 

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