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Do Persian Cats Like To Be Held?

Milo Persian Cat Being Held
Milo and his mum!

Persian cats are one of the sweetest, most affectionate cat breeds around. These gorgeous, fluffy kitties are one of the most popular cat breeds in the world. Persians are easy-going, cuddly animals, but that doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t show you their annoyance if picked up or held wrong. So, the answer to the question is yes.

How To Hold a Persian Cat Correctly

You may wonder why you need to know how to hold a cat, especially one as affectionate as a Persian cat. Well, you and your Persian would be much happier if you are holding them the right way. If your Persian is comfortable, you’ll relax, and your cuddle session will be much better.

All cats are different, and while most Persians love cuddles, your cat may not enjoy it. You should make sure that your cat feels safe and comfortable in your presence before trying to hold it.

Tips for Holding Your Cat the Right Way

Approach your cat: Allow your cat to know you are coming. Approach from one side or the other because walking toward your cat head-on may make you seem a threat. Yes, even if the cat knows you.

Give your cat some love: Persians are a tolerant breed, but they need time to warm up to you, as with any cat. Once your cat knows you’re coming, talk to them and pet them. It will help if you stroke your kitty. Rub your Persian’s cheeks, give a scratch behind their ears and under their chin. Let them know you love them.

Pick your cat up gently: Once your kitty seems calm and relaxed, move your hand under their body, just below their front legs. Place your other hand under your cat’s back legs. Once you can support your cat’s weight, you are ready to pick them up.

1…2…3 Lift: Once you’re ready, lift your cat to your chest and allow their body to rest against yours. Lifting and holding your cat in this manner gives your Persian more security.

Now you know how to hold your Persian correctly.

Even if your kitty likes you holding them, there are times they won’t be in the mood. When that happens, you should respect your cat and let them have their space.

If you pester them, they may become frightened or angry, possibly scratching or biting you. Or your Persian may injure themselves trying to get away. Never force your cat into your arms.

Signs that your cat isn’t in the mood for cuddles

  • Your cat seems anxious and stressed out
  • Your cat is irritated, which can be signaled by an angry, switching tail
  • Aggressive behavior such as scratching and biting
  • Your cat runs away
  • Hissing, growling, or meowing.

Your cat may have different signals and react in different ways. You should be aware of your kitty’s personality. This way, you can communicate with your cat and not cause undue duress. If you aren’t sure of your cat’s mood, use caution.

In any case, you should let your cat decide whether curling up beside you or in your lap is the right choice. Persian cats are quite affectionate and will most likely want you to hold and cuddle them.

How Do Persian Cats Show Affection?

Now that you know how your Persian can show you they don’t want to be held, how about some things they do to show you that they want attention.  


There is nothing better than a cat’s purr. Purring is a sure sign your cat is in a good mood. Persians are purr machines, so if your Persian is purring, they are more than likely in a good mood and ready to enjoy some cuddles.  


If you find your Persian kneading or making biscuits, as some say, they are content.

Tail Movement

Cats will talk with their tails. If their whole tail is twitching, it’s an indication they are irritated. However, if only the tip is moving, they are showing affection.

Head bunting and cheek rubbing

If your Persian rubs you with their cheeks or pushes their forehead against you, this is a sure sign they want affection. Cats have scent glands around their mouths, chins, sides of the face, necks, and ears. When they rub you in this manner, they are making you theirs. They are marking you.

These actions are a sign of love and trust.

Spending time with you

You’ll also know that your Persian likes you if they want to be with you. Does your Persian follow you from room to room? Do they curl up on the couch beside you, sit on your lap in your favorite chair. When they do this, it is also a sign of love and affection.


Persians aren’t overly talkative, but they will come and talk to you. Persians have soft, sweet voices and like to speak in small meows and purrs. They may even trill or chirp at you.

Eye contact and slow blinks

If your cat looks at you and holds eye contact for a few moments, followed by a slow blink, that is another indication of love and affections. Persians may also purr at you as well.

Licks and grooming

Your Persian may lick you or wash you. This action is another sign of trust and affection.

Be sure to return these affectionate actions with some of your own. Your relationship with your Persian should be a two-way street. Love and affection should come from both sides.


I hope this article gives you some information on how to hold your Persian cat. We also gave you a few tips on how to tell your Persian is or isn’t in the mood to be picked up and held. All cats are different. Does your Persian do anything different than mentioned in the article to get your attention or tell you to go away? Please let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.

1 thought on “Do Persian Cats Like To Be Held?”

  1. I had a Persian cat slightly mixed with Angora. She’d spend all her time outside and come in only for mealtime. When I picked her up, she’d let me only for a few seconds and then struggled and scratched.
    She’d show love in all the ways mentioned above, but also with her eyes. She had huge, very expressive eyes, and she’d stare at me in a very focused, loving gaze. She once looked at the other cat this way, and then leapt on the sofa and started licking its forehead.

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