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Can Persian Cats Go Outside?

Milo Persian Outside

If you’re the proud owner of a Persian cat or you’re looking to buy a Persian cat then firstly that’s great news as they are a wonderful breed of cat.

You may have wondered if a Persian cat can go outside, I know this was something I was curious about before buying my own Persian cat.

The short answer is YES they can go outside but they should be kept as indoor cats. I will go into more detail as to why this is the case below.

Why Persian Cats Are Best Kept As Indoor Cats

The Persian cat just like any cat has a natural instinct to hunt small prey and protect themselves from the dangers of the outdoors. However, they aren’t the “ideal” cat for the outdoors and there are many reasons for this.

Persian Cats Aren’t Built For The Outdoors

Persian cats have relatively short legs and a stocky body with fur which is very long and prone to mats and tangles. If your Persian cat was living as a predominantly outdoor cat then they would get twigs/grass/dirt on their fur and it can be difficult to clean and maintain a Persian that is an indoor cat never mind one that’s outdoors most of the time. If a Persian cat was going outdoors often I would imagine you would get to the point where you had to shave their fur off regularly.

Persian Cats Suffer From Respiratory Issues

A common issue with brachycephalic cats is breathing issues and many Persian cats suffer from a range of different breathing issues. Due to the flat face and small air passageway, the Persian would be more susceptible to problems if they were to lead an outdoor lifestyle.

Fungal Infections Are More Common In Persian Cats

Overall fungal infections aren’t very common in cats but the Persian is said to be more susceptible to getting fungal infections than other breeds. This is said to be caused by the immune system being compromised more easily in Persians.

Persian Cats Aren’t The Most Streetwise Cats

Persian cats have a reputation for being laidback and often quite docile, of course, they aren’t all like this but most are. Generally, they aren’t very streetwise and as such this puts them at risk of being attacked by other animals such as dogs, foxes and other cats. Not to mention the inherent risks that the roads can cause cats. Your Persian is happier being a lap cat and sat in front of your fire than out there battling with other cats in your neighbourhood.

Your Persian Cat Is At Risk Of Being Stolen

You don’t need to be a cat connoisseur to recognise a Persian cat with their distinctive looks. People are aware that the Persian is an exotic breed of cat that is normally expensive. This makes your friendly laidback Persian cat a target for thieves.

Cats Live Longer That Are kept Indoors

In a recent article, I wrote I looked at the average lifespan of a Persian cat and cats that are kept indoors can live much longer than an outdoor cat. In summertime it can be difficult to keep your cat indoors when you need your windows open, cat-proof screens can be the perfect solution for your home.Milo on a cat lead

Persian Cats Can Go Outside In Your Fenced Garden

Persian cats love going outside and exploring as any cat does, in the summertime I let my own Persian cat go outside in the sun in my garden. I only recommend this if your garden is secure and your cat can’t escape. The last thing you want is your cat escaping.

I think letting your Persian cat go outside in your garden is a great way to give them some variety in their life and you will be amazed at just how much they enjoy the garden. Milo even meows to go out in the garden when it’s sunny!

If you don’t have a garden that is fenced off or secured then you can always buy a cat harness and supervise your cat. I always keep an eye on Milo when he is in the garden and wouldn’t leave him on his own in the garden.

You can even take your cat to the park in the summer and walk them, I’ve done this a few times and Milo loves it. Just expect a few double takes or strange looks from people in the park when they see a fluffy cat on a lead!

Final Thoughts

Under no situation could I see a Persian cat making a good outdoor cat and I would question why any owner would want to have a Persian who is predominantly an outdoor cat. An indoor cat that goes out in a secure garden or on a lead is a great way to allow your Persian cat to explore the great outdoors. Let me know your thoughts, would you or have you let your Persian cat outside and if so what were your experiences.

17 thoughts on “Can Persian Cats Go Outside?”

    1. They don’t “need” it as they get enough vitamin D from food. They do however enjoy the sunlight that comes in through the window.

  1. Can a street cat or feral cat can kill doll faced persian or they can defend themselves from other cats cause i have so many feral cats in our area ?

    1. It depends on the individual cat really and the environment it’s used to. If your cat has been pampered indoors and has the typical laid-back Persian personality then it could get hurt as feral cats are more streetwise. My Persian Milo can be quite aggressive and would have no problem tackling street cats or feral cats. I wouldn’t advise keeping a Persian as an outdoor cat, their fur will be a mess very quickly.

      1. Mine male persian is also very aggresive whenever he saw a street cat he is very angry and try to attack them i trim his hair every 6 months can he go outside

        1. I’d always advise keeping them inside if they’ve been house cats. Especially if he’s aggressive as he will end up getting into fights. If you have a garden then you can let them out in a controlled environment.

        2. My persian goes outside. It was to hard keeping her in cuz she would try and sneak out. Its been over a yr and shes outside more than inside. If i leave her in she scratches on the door for hours until i let her out. Shes fixed and chipped.

          1. Yes my cat is the same, loves it outdoors as is not docile, very intelligent & curious. My other was the same & my mums & they lived to the age of 19 & 17 so I think exercise & stimulating environment outside helped, plus of course love.

  2. My niece is severely allergic to cats, she will be staying with me for a month. I have a fully gated closed lawn along side my shed. Can I let the Persian cat stay out all day and bring him in only to sleep in my room so my niece can stay safe?

    1. Hi Hamna, I think it depends on a few factors; how warm is it through the day? Does your cat normally go outside in the garden or is it an house cat that stays in 100% of the time? Me personally, I wouldn’t leave my Persian out on the lawn all day, he would get bored and want to come in after a few hours. I think it would be cruel leaving them out all day if they are house cats as they aren’t used to being out all day. You should be able to manage the allergy by grooming the Persian everyday and using an Hepa filter. Why not let the cat out for as long as they want to be in the garden and then when you bring them in let them into a part of the house that your niece won’t be going to?

  3. I was blessed to get a Doll face Persian at a local shelter. I was looking for a farm cat to replace my 16 yr old cat. I use to have a Persian years ago. I would let it go outside when I was around. So I gratefully took this one. Knowing he is a Persian and wouldn’t catch much mice. We adopted two feral black cats. I kept my Persian inside until the black cats never friendly and wanted inside. I let them in to visit with the Persian. Problem was when they went out my Persian wanted to go out too. I did the harmness and leash for awhile, but I got busy and didn’t have time to take him out as much. My old cat and one of the black cats stay close to the house and I have two garages and a barn close by so I let him out. He has learned to stand up at the door to go out and comes most of the time when I call him in. We do fight fleas and comb him more often but at 4yrs old he enjoys it. I have had him for a full year now.

    1. Hi Kim, that’s great to hear you take your Persian out when you’re around to supervise, this in my opinion, is the best way for a Persian to explore the great outdoors in a safe way.

  4. My Persian cat is an indoor outdoor kitty and I could never subject him to being cooped up inside all day. I think it’s silly we try and say this breed of cat should act a certain way, cats are well aware of their needs and are smart enough to make sure their needs are met

    1. I totally agree, my cats go outside in the garden too but as a permanent outdoor cat, I’m not convinced it would be a wise idea, especially with how their long fur collects, dirt, leaves and just about anything else. You’d more than likely end up with a tangled mess, unless they had their fur trimmed really short. Not to mention theft which happens when expensive breeds roam the streets. There is a reason you don’t see many Persians as outdoor cats.

  5. My Persian cat is 7month old he has been missing since 5 days. Near to our house there is forest we have searched a lot and asked our neighbour too but no one has seen him. Is there any chance that he will come back please reply.

    1. Hello Shaani, hopefully your Persian has come back by now. Unfortunately it’s impossible to say if it will come back. Try leaving some of his favourite food out, that should entice him back.

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