PetSafe Microchip Cat Flap Review

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PetSafe Microchip Cat Flap

Cats are very independent and love to roam around so keeping them indoors can be frustrating for them, especially if you’re out at work all day.

As most of us, Persian cat owners know we prefer to keep our cat’s indoors as they’re generally better suited to a predominantly indoor lifestyle. That’s not to say that your cat can’t go outside at all, of course, they can. 

One of the main issues with cat flaps, in general, is the fact you can’t stop other cats coming into your house which is not something you really want! Not only will this stress your cat out but the last thing you want is another cat eating all your cat’s food and water.

I’ve heard of people having cat flaps and ending up with a host of “guests” in their house.

Do You Need a Cat Flap?

Many cat owners ask themselves this question, in general, I would say there a few answers to this question. 

If you have an outdoor cat who spends most of their time outdoors then having a cat flap just makes sense. It gives your cat the freedom to come home for some food and drink and then to continue exploring the outside world. 

In this instance, I think a cat flap is a great tool to have. In the past, people have often been put off the idea of a cat flap because of the thought of other cats and even animals entering your house. 

If you have a long-haired breed of cat that spends 90% of the time indoors then a cat flap can still be a good option but you need to think carefully where you put the cat flap. 

If you put the cat flap on a backdoor that leads to an enclosed garden then I believe that a cat flap can work really well and give your cat the freedom they greatly desire.

What is a PetSafe Microchip Cat Flap?

The PetSafe Microchip Cat Flap is a cat flap with a difference. This cat flap reads your cat’s microchip once the chip has been registered with the cat flap and allows only your cat through the flap. 

Unlike most traditional cat flaps that have no way of stopping a stray cat into your house, the PetSafe Microchip Cat Flap will only allow a cat through the flap if it’s been set up to allow that cat through the flap. 

You can register up to 40 microchipped cats. 

This is especially useful for animal sanctuaries or catteries. This cat flap also has a 4-way manual reinforced lock so you can keep your cat indoors or allow them to come in and stay in or go out but not come back through the flap.

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What’s In The Box?

PetSafe Microchip Cat Flap Review
  • PetSafe Microchip Cat Flap
  • Screws to fix the cat flap
  • Instruction manual 
  • Cutting template for easy fitment 
cat flap box
petsafe cat flap
Petsafe Microchip cat flap review
Petsafe Microchip cat flap review

PetSafe Microchip Cat Flap Features

  • Read up to 40 micro-chipped cats (only allows access for your cats)
  • 4-way manual lock 
  • Low battery indicator 
  • Draught prevention  
  • Reinforced, dual auto-latch 
  • 3-year warranty 
  • Suitable for cats up to 8kg
  • Easy to install with cutting template
  • Battery Operated requires 4 x AA batteries (which aren’t supplied)


12.2 x 22 x 23.9 cm

Weight 744g

What’s The PetSafe Microchip Cat Flap Like?

Overall the cat flap looks and feels very solid and well-built. It’s very easy to set up and install. 

The main thing that puts people off cat flaps is the thought of having to install the unit and how difficult it seems. I’ve not personally installed this cat flap (yet) but looking at the instructions it looks very simple and you don’t need to be DIY savvy (which is great for me).

There are other microchip cat flaps on the market so this isn’t exactly unique to PetSafe but when you look at how easy it is to register your cat and the fact it can store up to 40 microchipped cats this is what makes this cat flap stand out from the competition in my eyes.


There doesn’t seem to many obvious disadvantages with this product that are unique to the PetSafe offering. I suppose it would be nice to have the AA batteries supplied with the product although I know some products don’t come with the batteries due to shipping regulations so perhaps this is the case with this product. Battery life is said to be 12 months but this will be dependent on what batteries you use.

I can’t comment on the installation and how easy it is to install as I’ve not installed this product personally. Most of the reviews online did say that it was easy to install but there was the odd review which said they had some challenges with certain UPVC panels and thick walls.

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PetSafe Microchip Cat Flap Video Review

I recorded a video review of the product, this was more of an unboxing video but it gives you a good overview of what you get.

Final Thoughts 

The PetSafe Microchip cat flap is a great option for anyone looking for a cat flap that offers a little more than a traditional cat flap. Obviously, it’s more expensive than a regular cat flap but when you look at the benefits of this cat flap I feel it is one of the best microchip cat flaps out there. PetSafe have refined this product to be a market leader. 

Due to the fact, it’s easy to program your cat’s microchip and with the ability to store up to 40 microchipped cats this really stands out from the rest of the competition. 

The other thing you need to consider with any product you purchase is the customer service available. Many products on the market offer big claims but once you start having problems the company doesn’t want to know. With PetSafe you can be assured of high-quality customer service and they’re very responsive in general to feedback about their products or providing technical support. 

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