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Happy 4th Birthday Milo!

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Milo Persian cat sitting

Today is the 3rd of June which is Milo’s birthday, he’s 4 years old today. Where has this last year gone? Time seems to have flown by again!

I can’t believe he’s 4 years old, it doesn’t seem like 2 minutes ago since he was a tiny kitten. Here’s a picture of him sleeping when he was a kitten (3 months old).

The last year has been a good one in terms of his health with no health issues to report, here’s to another year of good health (touch wood). However, we did have an outbreak of fleas on both cats just after the summer. We think this was down to him and his brother Teddy being out in the garden or at least this is the most plausible reason for the outbreak.

We tried all sorts of different flea products to get rid of them and it took about 1 month or so, they were very stubborn, we had to bath them most days with flea shampoo and then use flea spray. It was a nightmare, to say the least.

We resorted to shaving both cats fur down to aid in the removal of the fleas, anyone with a long haired cat like a Persian will know how difficult it is to get rid of fleas from long fur. Even bathing them so often was tough, however, it did help that it was summertime so we could dry them easier.

We haven’t had any further flea outbreaks since then but we continue to treat them with flea treatment every few months as a precaution.

In terms of behaviour and activity levels, we haven’t noticed much change in him over the last year, he is still active, likes to chase and often bite Teddy! He also loves to go outside in the garden in summer.

I’ve noticed him becoming slightly more vocal especially at night time but this could be due to Teddy also becoming a bit more vocal too.

We’ve also changed from using a cattery when we go on holiday to a cat sitter, both cats seem much happier being at home in their own environment.

His fur continues to knot and tangle often as is the case with most Persians but that is just part of owning this great breed.

Eye drainage is also a daily issue so we continue to care for his eyes in the same way I recommend in this post here.

We’ve bought Milo a new scratcher for his birthday, I will be sure to update the blog with some pictures and maybe a review.

As I mentioned in previous years Milo was the sole reason I started this blog and continues to be the inspiration for a lot of the posts. I will continue to blog and update you on anything that I feel can help fellow Persian cat owners with.

The blog is growing nicely and with the addition of a few expert writers who are cat owners as well, they can share their experiences and give a different perspective on things to me, although I will still continue to write posts myself and share my experiences.

Here’s to another year of health and happiness!

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