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Cream Persian Cat Facts

Cream-colored Persian cats are the same as many other Persian cats. Their personality traits, big round eyes, luxurious coats, and health issues are the same. Their color is the dilute form of orange or red. The most significant difference between cream Persian cats and others is that they are always tabby, like the orange Persian. Their tabby markings may be hard to distinguish because of their dilute coloring. They are colored like this because they are, first of all, red. This gene is a sex gene color. The other is black. Then they are tabby, as the tabby gene is always present with the red or orange gene. Last of all, what makes a cream-colored Persian cream is the dilute gene. All these genes working together give you cream Persian cats.

There are a variety of cream fur types. Cream cats exist because the red gene, one of the sex-linked colors, mixes with the dilute gene, making their red color cream-colored.  

Here are some definitions that may be helpful.

Phaeomelanin – A melanin pigment produced in the presence of the amino acid cysteine, adding red or yellow color to skin, hair, feathers, etc.

Melanin – A class of insoluble pigments found in all animal life that account for the dark color of skin, hair, fur, scales, feathers, etc.

Cysteine – A crystalline amino acid, C3H7O2NS, a component of nearly all proteins.

Homozygote – an organism with identical pairs of genes with respect to any given pair of hereditary characters, and therefore breeding true for that character.

Heterozygote – a person, animal, or other organism with a pair of differing alleles, one dominant and one recessive, of a particular gene.

Epistatic gene. Epistasis is when one gene is affected by one or more independently inherited genes. In other words, the red Persian cat can also be cream. Another example is having an orange and white bi-color Persian cat. In this instance, the orange gene is modified by the white masking, tabby, or diluted red genes.

How We Get Cream Persian Cats

The red gene on the X chromosome determines if a cat will be orange or any of the variations. The red gene encodes a pigment produced in the presence of the amino acid cysteine, adding red or yellow color to skin, hair, feathers, etc. The allele O codes for orange tones, and the allele o codes for non-orange tones like black. For a cream-colored cat, you’d have DO, which means dilute orange (red)

Cream Persian Cat Coats

When you think of cream Persian cats, you probably envision a big puff of stripey with copper or orange eyes. However, other orange coats may not be what you expect. The orange gene can sometimes have mutations that allow another color gene to show. The most dominant gene for cream-colored Persian cats is the dilute gene after the red gene. It’s what makes the cream-colored Persian cats the color they are.

Solid Cream Persians

Milo Persian cat sitting

Solid-colored cream Persian cats come in several different coats. First, there is the cream Persian cat. These cats are solid cream but may have tabby markings, as all red and cream cats carry the tabby gene. Their eyes are copper or orange, and their noses and pads are pink. Next, other patterns are considered solid in the cat world.

Bi-Color Cream Persians

These cats have any white quantity on them but aren’t entirely cream. The white spots can be limited to a locket on the chest or just some white mittens, up to an almost wholly white cat except for its ears and tail. These cats’ eyes can be odd, meaning one can be blue and the other orange or copper, as the cream color dictates. These cats have several color combinations: cream and white, cream tabby and white, and dilute calico. Among these are many patterns such as mask and mantle, cap and saddle, Harlequin, Van, Locket, and mitted.


Cream tabbies are cream cats where the striped pattern of the Tabby is visible. All cream cats are tabby whether their pattern shows or not. However, there are several colors associated with cream tabbies. One, of course, is the cream tabby. These Persian cats have a peach or pale cream color on their body with darker cream markings. Their nose and pads should be pink, and their eyes should be copper, orange, yellow, or green with dark pink rims.

Dilute Tortoiseshell

Cream Persian cats with the tortoiseshell pattern have a mixture of cream and blue tabby fur. The hues can mix or show up as blue-and-cream tabby-colored patches. Despite having what seems to be two colors, they aren’t thought of as bicolor cats because they frequently lack the white fur associated with bicolor cats.

Pointed Pattern

Cream Persian cats can also have pointed patterns with darker feet and faces than the rest of their bodies. That frequently happens to Siamese cats. Cream-colored Persian cats can either be points only with just the coloring or have lynx points, which means they can have tabby stripes in the coloring on their points.



There you have it! some interesting facts about cream Persian cats. While the cream-colored Persian cat is just like any other Persian cat, they have differences in how their fur color is produced. We hope you learned something about cream Persian cats and enjoyed this article. Did this help you understand why your cream Persian is cream or why they may have the pattern or markings they do? Now you have an answer. If you liked our article, please leave any questions or comments below.

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