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Best Cat Automatic Feeder UK

Regulating the amount of food your cat gets is important in order to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Us cat owners are often faced with the problem of feeding the right amount of food at the right time, but as we all know cats can be quite fussy with their food at times. This is where the automatic cat feeder comes in, it covers both of these common problems.

There's a vast range of automatic cat feeders available on the market today but some aren't available in the UK. In this post, I'm going to look at the best automatic cat feeders.

What is an Automatic Cat Feeder and Do you need one?

An Automatic Cat Feeder regulates and dispenses food automatically. Some Automatic feeders have timers so you can preset a time to feed your cat.

Automatic Cat Feeders are especially useful if you work long hours, they give you the ability to regulate the amount of food your cat eats which can help prevent Feline Obesity.

Cats always prefer fresh food and an automatic feeder will either refill the bowl when empty or dispense food ​at a preset time. This is especially useful if your cat is on a diet as requested by your vet.

There's no definitive answer as to whether or not you need an automatic feeder, you can manage perfectly fine with a normal food bowl if your schedule allows you to feed your cat at the required times.

However, an automatic can feeder can be a very useful tool for cats on a diet or if you work long hours. Personally, I have one for my Persian cat and think it's a fantastic tool.

How to find the best automatic cat feeder 

There are quite a few things to consider when trying to find the best automatic cat feeder.

If you have a cat that's on a diet or you work long hours then a timed automatic feeder will be your best bet. However, if your cat is just a fussy eater then any automatic feeder will be a benefit.

The capacity of the feeder is important as this varies if you have a multi cat household you will need a feeder with a decent amount of storage.

Some feeders allow you to record a small message and this will then be played when the meal is served, this helps with cats that associate a phrase or message with eating. This could be "yummy yummy" or "food time" or whatever you've said in the past before serving a meal.

Price and quality are obviously factors when looking for the best automatic cat feeder, quite a few of the versions you see online aren't available here in the UK.

Top 3 Best Automatic Cat Feeders 


Editors Rating


​Cat Mate C50 Automatic Pet Feeder

Andrew James 4 Meal Automatic Feeder

Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder with Webcam & WIFI

Cat Mate C50 Automatic Pet Feeder



Editors Rating

​The Cat Mate C50 Automatic Pet Feeder takes first place in terms of quality and value for money. As with the Cat Water Fountain reviews, I did recently the Cat Mate products come out on top.

In terms of price point this is positioned as a middle of the range product but as an overall package, it takes some beating.

The main features are timed feedings, 5 meals per day both wet and dry food (300g each). This feeder also comes with two ice packs to ensure that food is always served cool.

There's a reason why the customer reviews are very high for this product because as a package it doesn't fail to deliver and for this price point is hard to beat in terms of cost, features and reliability.


  • Holds 5 Meals per day
  • Timed feeding (4-day timer)
  • Stores wet and dry food
  • Dishwasher friendly for easy cleaning


  • No voice recording as with some feeders on the market

Andrew James 4 Meal Automatic Cat Feeder



Editors Rating

​The Andrew James 4 Day Automatic Pet Feeder was a close second place on this list. It's priced very competitively compared to the other automatic cat feeders on the market.

It has 4 large trays that hold both dry and wet food and open at 4 different times per day. One of the features I really like with this automatic feeder is the ability to record a 20-second message for your cat to let them know it's feeding time.

Other features include an ice chamber that also acts as water storage if needed, digital display to set your timed meals and a low battery indicator.

The only reason I rate the Cat Mate C50 above this feeder is that looking at a lot of the reviews online the Cat Mate C50 seems to have a slightly better reliability and build quality record.

Overall a brilliant automatic cat feeder for the money.


  • Serves 4 meals per day
  • Record a 20-second voice recording
  • Ice and water chamber
  • Great value for money


  • Some reviews reported the odd reliability issues

Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder with Webcam & WIFI



Editors Rating

​The Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder has some very useful and unique features which put it head and shoulders above any other automatic cat feeder on the market. You're probably wondering why I've placed this product at number 3 then? Well, the main reason for that is the price, it's considerably more expensive than its rivals. But is it worth it? Maybe if you deem the additional features to be of a benefit to you.

So let's look at the unique features it has. It comes with a built in webcam that you can access from anywhere via your mobile phone, tablet or computer. It also has built in WIFI capabilities meaning you can feed on demand via an app or your computer. This is very useful for anyone who works long hours or even when leaving your cat at home for a long weekend.

In addition to the above features, it also holds 6 meals, has timed feeding intervals, can dispense medication and gives you SMS or email notifications when your pet has been fed. The automatic feeder is made so that your cat won't be able to turn the feeder to access any of the other meals stored in the feeder.

Overall a game changer in terms of automatic pet feeders, it's up to you to decide whether or not the additional features warrant a premium over other products. A great product nevertheless.


  • Reduces shedding by up to 90%
  • Prevents mats and tangles
  • Invigorates skin and strengthens hair follicles
  • FURejector button releases hair with ease


  • Quite expensive

Best of the Rest

There were quite a few other automatic feeders that didn't make the list but that's not to say they aren't good products. The Surefeed Microchip Pet Feeder is a particularly interesting option, it isn't an automatic feeder as such but it has the ability to read your cats microchip and open the lid on the feeder once it's done this. The main benefit for this would be for households with dogs or other cats where you only want a certain cat to access the food in the feeder. Being airtight the lid keeps the food fresh for longer, especially useful for fussy cats.

​The Andrew James Large 90 Day Automatic Pet Feeder is another great option that stores 90 days worth of dry food, ideal for multi cat households. As with the other Andrew James feeders, you can record a voice message and set the feeding times via a digital timer. The reason this didn't make my list was due to the fact it's a dry food feeder only and in most cases, you will want to feed both wet and dry food.


All of the automatic cat feeders in this post are available on the Amazon marketplace and all are viable options. Ultimately your decision will be based on your own specific needs and requirements.

All of the above options make life a little easier when it comes to feeding your cat, in today's busy world anything that can save time and effort is worth looking into.

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