Nature’s Miracle Urine Destroyer Review

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Nature's miracle urine destroyer review

As a cat owner most of us have been in a situation where you walk into your house or apartment to the smell of urine.

You’re instantly thinking “oh no please don’t be on my new sofa or carpet”. Yep, it’s part of cat ownership and if you haven’t had this delightful experience just yet then I can assure you there’s a good chance you will do.

Our fluffy delights don’t do this on purpose, often it can be an accident near the litter box where they haven’t had chance to “make it”.

One thing is for certain nobody likes the smell of cat urine and it’s difficult to remove with household cleaning products, they just aren’t powerful enough.

There is however a solution, nature’s miracle urine destroyer first lets look at the reasons you cat may be urinating in your house.

Why Do Cats Urinate in Your House?

There are many reasons your feline friend will urinate in your home and ultimately this issue needs addressing first. It’s good to buy products to clean your urine in your home but without addressing the issue this will be a constant battle.

First, it’s important to determine whether your cat is actually urinating in your house or spraying.

If your cat is a male that’s not been neutered then there’s a good chance he’s actually spraying.

This can usually be solved by having him neutered and if he’s not too old and set in his ways this will usually solve the spraying.

It’s quite easy to determine whether or not your cat is spraying, he will often making a treading motion and his tail will be raised and quivering the urine will be sprayed backwards onto a vertical surface. Typically a door or wall.

However, if your cat is urinating outside of their litter box and furniture this could be due to old age, a medical problem, territorial disputes (if you have multiple cat’s).

If you’ve recently changed litter boxes or litter then this could also be the issue. It’s really a process of elimination until you uncover the issue. If your cat has been litter trained and then suddenly starts to urine outside of the litter box then it’s highly likely that it’s one of the above issues.

Nature’s Miracle Cat Urine Destroyer

Nature’s miracle has a reputation for producing great products that do exactly what they say on the tin.

Nature’s miracle cat urine destroyer really is a wonder product that can remove the powerful smell of cat urine and cat spray.

Not only does it remove the potent smell of cat urine but it removes the yellow stains as well, making this a useful formula.

Not only is it effective on cat urine but it also works just as effectively on dog urine.

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How Does Nature’s Miracle Urine Destroyer Work?

Nature’s miracle urine destroyer is a bacteria based formula that attacks cat urine and produces enzymes when it comes in contact with bio-based messes.

It then removes the stain and smell and leaves a light fresh scent.

It works on the below;

  • Carpets
  • Tiled floors
  • Fabrics (including leather, silk, suede and wool
  • Hardwood and laminate flooring
  • Linoleum

It’s available in two different sizes 38oz bottles and the larger 128oz bottle.

Directions of use

Step 1 Measure– Refer to label for correct amount based on surface type.

Step 2 Apply– Always use full strength (don’t dilute). Wipe as much of the stain as you can and fully soak the stain.

Step 3 Stain Removal– Allow to work to 10 minutes and leave to air dry to eliminate odour.

Step 4 Blot– Blot the stain with a clean cloth and allow to dry for 24 hours. For very stubborn stains repeat steps 1-3 and gently scrub the surface.

Customer Reviews

As with many products online most claim that they do as they say on the tin but quite a few fail to deliver. Here at we do in depth research and most cases actually use the product before giving an in depth review.

Nature’s miracle just for cats and urine off is reviewed highly on most sites and people in general are rating this product well and saying that it delivers on it’s promises. There are a small amount of reviews that said the product wasn’t quite as effective as they were expecting. But these reviews were few and far between.

Overall, this is a genuinely effective solution at removing both cat or dog urine and removing the accompanying stain. On that basis we rate this product and recommend it.

You can check the reviews on amazon here which will help you make an informed decision.

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