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Litter Locker Review

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Litter Locker II Review

​Cat ownership is a wonderful thing but there’s one thing that most of us cat owners don’t enjoy which is cleaning out a litter box. It’s not just the actual cleaning of the litter box which can be a dreaded task but it’s the disposal of the waste that can be an annoying task. That’s where the Litter Locker comes in! I’m going to do a full Litter Locker review in this post to establish whether or not it lives up to the hype.

​There’s nothing difficult about scooping litter or bagging the waste up but the problem is the smell.

Cleaning a litter tray is something you will be doing several times per day and as a result, you will have several small bags to dispose of. I used to put these small bags in a bin near to the litter tray but what I found was they would smell and you have to end up taking them out to the bin (which gets annoying if you’re doing this several times per day). I recently wrote an article on the best self cleaning litter boxes and this, in my opinion, is the ultimate solution to cleaning cat litter.

What is the Litter Locker and how does it work?

The litter locker is a litter disposal unit which will lock in odour and reduce the need for small bags.

You simply scoop the waste and put it inside the pail which is said to store enough waste for 2 weeks. Saving you money on grocery bags.

When the bag is full you open the pail and cut the bag and take the bag to the bin. 

​Then you simply just pull a new bag out and tie a knot in it and you’re good to go again.


  • ​Reduces odour completely
  • ​Easy and convenient to use
  • ​Stores 2 weeks worth of waste (no need for small waste bags)


  • ​Refills can get costly

Dimensions: H 44 x W 21 x D 21 cm

​Empty weight: 1.4kg

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Overall I think the Litter Locker II is a great product and looking at most of the reviews online people rate this product highly and for good reason too.

It’s priced very well and in my opinion well worth the money. Obviously, the refills can become expensive but quite a few people found a workaround that can save you money by using industrial bin liners that are said to be as effective.

 I wrote a comparison post Litter Locker Vs Litter Genie that you may find interesting.

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