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Litter Genie Review

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Litter Genie Plus Review

​Cleaning your cat’s litter box sucks right? 

Yep, we’ve all been there when you’re cleaning your furry friend’s litter box and bagging up the waste and thinking to yourself “there must be a better way than this”, well there is and this is where the Litter Genie comes in. I’m going to look at the pros and cons of cat waste disposal systems in this litter genie review.

If you’re anything like me then the smell of cleaning your cat’s litter makes your stomach churn but it’s something we just have to do. Well sort of but there are alternatives that make this process much easier. I recently wrote a post about automatic litter boxes these are hands down the best solution if you want a totally “hands off” solution. I’ve not looked back since switching to an automatic litter box.

​What is the Litter Genie Plus and how does it work?

​The Litter Genie Plus is a cat litter waste disposal system that ultimately works by locking in the odour in a pail that stores up to 2 weeks worth of waste (for one cat).

The great thing about the Litter Genie Plus is it has antimicrobial to totally eliminate odour. This is a feature unique to the Litter Genie Plus.

​Conveniently sized the​ Litter Genie Plus can fit in your bathroom, under the sink in your laundry room or anywhere you want to keep it. The Litter Genie is very easy to move as it comes with carrying handles.

The great thing about this system is it will save you multiple trips to the rubbish bin. I know when I lived in an apartment it used to be a real pain to go to the bin often which is something you need to do if you have an indoor cat and you’re scooping the litter.

The Litter Genie has a seven-layer refill bag which contains barrier technology to lock in odour and bacteria. You do need to buy a refill cartridge for the unit which can get expensive. 

​Available in black or silver the Litter Genie is very easy to set up.

Dimentions: 8.5 x 8.5 x 17 inches

Empty Weight: 3.3 pounds


  • ​100% odour free
  • ​Easy and convenient to use
  • ​Well priced


  • ​Refill cartridges can get expensive

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​In my opinion, the Litter Genie Plus is a great product and makes life that little bit easier when it comes to cleaning cat litter. There’s a reason why this product sells for well and has brilliant reviews on Amazon. 

There are not many downsides to the Litter Genie Plus other than the refill cartridges that can be expensive. This, however, is same for any litter disposal unit I recently reviewed the Litter Locker II which is a fantastic product but also has expensive refill cartridges. Some people online have mentioned about using industrial bags as a workaround, this is said to be an effective option. I’ve not personally used this workaround so can’t really comment.

If you would like to see how the Litter Genie compares to the Litter Locker II you can check out the post I wrote Litter Locker Vs Litter Genie.

Overall the Litter Genie Plus is a product that can save you time and effort and not to mention reduce odour in your house/apartment and for that reason, it gets a thumbs up from us.

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