Hepper Cat Pod Bed Review

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Hepper Cat Pod Bed Review

When it comes to sleeping arrangements our cats can be quite fussy. I know this from personal experience, I bought (what I thought) was the perfect cat bed, it was soft and just like any regular cat bed, surely this would be perfect for my Persian cat? How wrong I was!

I don’t think Milo has ever actually slept in that bed, he prefers cardboard boxes, the window sill, scratch tree, sofa, our bed and in fact anywhere but the bed I bought for him.

Hepper has come up with a solution to this problem many cat owners face.

What is a Hepper Cat Pod Bed?

The Hepper cat pod bed caters to what your cat loves most being off the floor whilst sleeping!

Have you ever noticed that your cat will generally try to lay on something that’s a little higher up and sleep?

Cats feel safer and more secure the higher they are and this is where the Hepper cat pod bed comes in.

The Hepper cat pod bed is made of high-quality materials and provides a safe “cave” for your cat to sleep and rest in.

The Hepper car pod bed has been updated for 2019 to iron out some of the issues users had previously.

The 2019 update includes the following;

  • Bigger size which is now large enough for most breeds of cat
  • Redesigned base to ensure the bed is stronger and more stable
  • 8.5″ x 8.5″ front door for easier access
  • More headroom for your cat
  • Non-slip rubber pads to ensure the bed doesn’t move when your cat jumps in
  • Redesigned fleece to reduce wrinkles and folds
  • New grey colour

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The main advantages are that your cat has a nice, comfy, secure place to sleep and hide.

The Hepper cat pod bed is said to be nice and warm for your cat whilst still getting enough airflow in there to make it breathable.

The cat pod bed also comes with its own fleece that’s machine washable and it’s said to retain cat fur better than conventional beds.

Cats love privacy and security and this is something your cat will get with the Hepper cat pod.

I personally like the stylish design, it will fit in with most modern households without being an eyesore.

It does look to me like something that will be quite durable which is important when buying any cat furniture.


There aren’t really many disadvantages to this product in my opinion but there a few.

The main disadvantage would the price, it isn’t cheap and could be deemed expensive by some. The way I look at the price of pet products is that most items are overpriced for what they are. However, does this product look like it will stand the test of time and is it a worthwhile purchase?

I think in the instance of the Hepper cat pod bed it is worth the price now they’ve ironed out some of the previous flaws.

Final Thoughts

Overall the Hepper cat pod bed is a good product that’s well made and a little different from anything out there on the market. It’s a premium product and as a result, you do pay a premium price but I think it’s justified (just about).

A wider choice of colours would be nice but not a major issue as the choice of colours available are neutral to fit most living rooms.

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